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He said: "He's had various niggling problems, but we've sorted that and he'll be trying his best and has a squeak.
Bradley Davies, the Blues lock, who has a niggling ankle injury, could be the only uncapped player in the 32-man squad.
It was a frustrating and niggling game and to be fair the referee got most things right but the big decisions wrong.
as the recipient of the 2006 award, that the award was for Flexpoint's innovative approach toward developing a flexible Bend Sensor(R) that can be used for a wide gamut of applications such as measuring changes in pressure, flow, weight, and has potent capabilities to tackle niggling issues that its peer sensing technologies face.
A steady stream of people from across the region visited the Embarrassing Bodies mobile clinic in the hope they can have their minds put at rest over niggling health worries.
THOSE last three defeats to England are niggling at Ireland - and Rob Kearney admits a "relentless" reaction is coming in south-west London this afternoon.
He's had a niggling problem which has put him out for a bit.
Pintado, a firm fans' favourite at the Liberty Stadium, had been dogged by the niggling injury ever since pre-season.
HEARTS boss Csaba Laszlo is backing Andrew Driver to break into England's Under-21 squad - once the club solve the winger's niggling ankle problem.
Martin said yesterday: "Leg Spinner has had a few niggling problems and isn't doing anything at present.
Cregg, 21, first felt the return of a niggling ankle injury during the club's recent training camp in Holland and feared it could keep him out of the big kick-off on August 4.
And the Hearts medical staff are so concerned with the niggling nature of the injury that they are considering sending the former Hibee star to a specialist in Europe.
I have suffered one or two niggling injuries, which could have been influenced by the amount of travelling I have been doing and also a torn hamstring which I am certain came about because of my hip operation.
Ecomium, having been troubled by niggling problems through the summer, is now hopefully approaching a comeback," he said.
But I have a niggling caveat--as with all materials, surely, much depends on how the wood is actually used?