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Supported by BIM and a steering group including the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the Marine Institute and the SFPA, consultants are facilitating the preparation of an Inshore Fisheries Strategy on behalf of the NIFF.
2) Los formatos ETF, MIDI, NIFF y MusicXML posibilitan el intercambio de informacion musical entre diferentes programas informaticos.
A NASTY niff that invaded Britain yesterday was last night traced to the French.
The NIFF Film Society meets one Tuesday a month at Silverspot Cinema, Mercato; see website for schedule.
sniff Your Nazi foes can s i niff ff out ut your hiding places with only the slightest mistake.
2 million) said they're suffering from a nasty niff inside their car.
Head of Newcastle City Council's Sustainability Unit Les Clark apologised to residents and promised to sort out the nasty niff.
Footie and fashion icon David Beckham has put his name to a niff a whole lot more gorgeous than his team-mates after beating Argentina.
Now the science bit - on the one hand, the bird's super-sniffer is searching for blokes with a Major Histocompatibility Complex that exudes a similar niff to her own, like.
Simultaneously, the complete schedule with program descriptions will be posted on the NIFF web site, www.
Portafolio Presentacion convergencia NIFF Colombia Luis Alonso Colmenares, presidente CTCP Las NIIF para La discusion se abrio pymes evaluando si se debia adaptar, Hector Jaime adoptar, armonizar o Correa-Pinzon, converger.
A NASTY niff that invaded the UK yesterday was last night traced to the French.
If your carpets are starting to niff a little bit thanks to doggy smells, kids or just daily life then give them a fast and effortless freshen up.
They began to sniff, as you do, and decided it was a niff of burning plastic being wafted by the gentle summer breeze.