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As the Director of the main funding agency for rDNA research, and the leading biomedical research facility in the country, Niff and Dr.
Major sponsors of the 2002 NIFF include Regal Cinemas, Comcast, TJ Maxx, Independent Film Channel, Bank of America, Dell Computer, Jack Daniel's Distillery, Rive Droit Music/Right Bank Music, Bass, Berry and Sims PLC, American Airlines, Gish, Sherwood & Friends, and the Nashville Scene.
They began to sniff, as you do, and decided it was a niff of burning plastic being wafted by the gentle summer breeze.
The nasty garlic niff hangs in the air, forcing people to keep their windows closed on the hottest of days.
In fact, the film short, intended to be a screen test for Mark Collie, was not a planned submission but NIFF Executive Director Michael Catalano was so impressed he urged them to enter.
Two: lounge on the settee making the noise of a beer can being opened; forget Chanel No 5 - try Bristol Channel No 5 with its essence of Clark's Pie and the unmistakable niff of the docks' sluices; learn useful phrases like "I must question your knowledge of the laws of the game, referee.
Getting rid of the niff can be costly - a good valet service runs to around pounds 70 and even that won't snuff out the stink completely.
For NIFF ticket and schedule information, go to the NIFF website at www.
The problem is this: it's beginning to ronk and you don't need me to tell you that the niff of rotten eggs is not something designed to win fans.
A nasty niff is causing a stink in the Holme Valley.
McGraw has a girlfriend called Jennifer McGough, who he thanks for her 'daily support both editorially and morally' at the front of his book, adding, 'Thanks, Niff, I love you.
The sewage is another matter that is being looked into, now that there is a noxious niff lingering in Kate's street.
99) has the correct balance of agricultural niff and full on summer fruits.
They found their nasty niff was almost twice as effective as shop-bought repellents.