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Walls are lined with quirky nicknacks and piled books, like you've wandered into the home of someone interesting you'd like to get to know better.
A DIY enthusiast, he had a shed full of nicknacks which he insisted "may come in useful one day".
We trawled the market for at least an hour and ended up leaving with tomato plants, some jasmine bushes, bottled local honey, bags of fruit and veg and a few colourful nicknacks.
As you know, it's all about the nicknacks you need to pull a design together.
Zookeepers at Twycross, in Atherstone, sweep out dirty paper from around tyres and other nicknacks in the enclosures every day.
Deep red hues create a rosy glow, giant, lustrous drapes run up the walls, and outsized shelves hold a collection of ethnic- looking nicknacks.
Built more than 200 years ago, it has been tastefully restored with all mod cons, lovely furniture, drapes and nicknacks, but still with original features including exposed low beams.
The front of Sugar Surgeons is a shop selling cake accessories: Candles, ribbons, colouring - all the nicknacks you need to decorate your own creation.
Cast a golden lie, she said, and all your household nicknacks will turn into little gods; shiny figurines sweating incense and wisdom in the cluttered rooms of a vast suburban night, its turnstiles of burning leaves.
So we buy a bigger house and soon have that filled with furniture, kitchen gadgets, nicknacks and plain clutter.
However, thanks to these great retro nicknacks you'll be able to party like it's 1979, says Nathan Bevan 1 STAR BUY COME an alien invasion the last thing you want is to have to put up a shelf without having a screwdriver to hand.
As the home of the silver "toy trade" - the manufacture of buttons, buckles and other small nicknacks - Birmingham was also the centre of the novelty jewellery industry.
Resistance is futile, the nicknacks will always get you in the end.