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Synonyms for nicker

the characteristic sounds made by a horse

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make a characteristic sound, of a horse

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The "Buy It Now" label costs another nicker, so the seller is already in the hole even before figuring in other costs, such as using the PayPal service to correct payment.
chatter clamor clatter flutter gibber jabber mutter murmur nicker patter pitter snicker spatter sputter stammer stutter titter twitter whimper whisper APPENDIX THREE Polish onomatopoeia 3.
I was one of those children - but not a pick 'n' nicker.
For Lineker quickly showed the sort of predatory instincts that made him a fearless goalscorer in his sharpshooting days - and a phantom nicker of crisps in his ad-shooting days.
You'd be amazed,'' said Tim Yakteen, an assistant to Real Quiet trainer Bob Baffert, ``how many colts nicker at that thing and get turned on.
Kentucky coffeetree, nicker tree, stump tree, coffeenut, coffeebean, "mahogany" and virgilia.
He heard the horses stirring inside, and one of them gave a little nicker.
Elaine's four-year-old daughter Lexi was a flower girl at the touching ceremony in Nicker Church, Pallasgreen, Limerick.
Contractor address : Environmental Science Centre Nicker Hill Keyworth
Fair enough, it's something for nothing I guess, but with the profit margins already so high in such areas, it's a bit like retailing something at 80p that costs 10p to make while your competitors are flogging it for a nicker.
THE naughty knicker nicker throwing a village's female population into a tizzy has been traced - he's a tawny owl.
BROOKSIDE: Nisha the naughty boyfriend nicker goes after Steve.