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Synonyms for niche

Synonyms for niche

the proper or designated location


Synonyms for niche

a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it

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an enclosure that is set back or indented

(ecology) the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its survival as a species)

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While that may seem frustrating, discovering a niche market that may work for you only requires four key components.
Regency has had positive feedback from Amazon customers and expects the same for the entire Niche line:
It follows that flexibility is allowed also for observing the third discipline involved in crafting a personal vision statement: that one's position within the niche is specified.
Using an advanced array of techniques available in fruit fly studies, the team demonstrated that lamins were a necessary component of supporting niche organization, which in turn regulates proper proliferation and differentiation of germline stem cells in fruit fly testis.
The researchers show how signals from the niche that act to maintain the vitality of the flies' stem cells are lost over time, leading to a decline in the number of stem cells available to maintain the tissue.
You are able to leverage experience and knowledge to open doors, and you can develop an archive of value-added resources that are specific to that particular niche.
Companies can secure funds of between pounds 4,000 and pounds 20,000 from the new Niche Innovation Scheme to create new products for niche vehicles which will contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions.
As niche chips are highly profitable, the company, a subsidiary of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), is working hard to quit the money-losing standard dynamic random access memory (DRAM) manufacturing for niche-chip manufacturing.
Saint Francis joined NICHE in 2006 with the first Acute Care Elderly unit (ACE) in the state.
Bee houses (a term correctly applied to free-standing structures built to shelter multiple hives) were widely recommended during the peak of bee niche construction.
Niche Market, a nine-yearold son of Presenting, is out of the Floods' mare Juresse, also bred at Boardsmill and one of around 12 broodmares kept at the stud.
NEW YORK -- It is somewhat ironic that while chain drug and other mass retailers continue to reduce the number of SKUs on their shelves, the majority of retailers still believe offering niche items to their customers is more important than ever.
By identifying target markets and resources, niche marketing can distinguish a CPA firm from its competitors while generating higher profit margins.
HAVING THE RIGHT NICHE CAN help set a store apart and make it a destination for shoppers.