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a rechargeable battery with a nickel cathode and a cadmium anode

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The key to decreasing charge time and increasing NiCad service life is in the design of the charging system.
NiCAD (nickel-cadmium) batteries have a cadmium anode and a nickel oxyhydroxide Ni[(OH).
The nicad cells used in the City--nineteen 6-volt batteries that together produce 114 volts--last longer than lead acid but shorter than NiMh.
The program even received a US$2 million loan from the North American Development Bank, a deal brokered by Raul Hinojosa and NICAD.
Toyota and Honda have already launched hybrid cars in the UK which use Nicad batteries to supplement petrol power and both these cars, the Prius and the Insight, are claimed to be capable of achieving in excess of 80mpg.
It quietly prints two pages per minute and can be powered with AC power, rechargeable NiCad battery, or 12V DC car adapter.
I know that spinning a physical disk draws a lot more charge out of a NiCad or Alkaline cell than just pushing electrons around inside a semiconductor chip.
NL Technologies (NLT) new Radio Cap Lamp uses modern NiCad technology and can be programmed for direct line-of-site communications, without the use of additional hardware.
These batteries offer the most run time of any NiCad battery available.
According to Vodafone, a rigorous recycling process extracts the cadmium and nickel from used NiCad batteries and the nickel from used NiMH batteries.
The portable analyzer utilizes internal NiCad rechargeable batteries and is supplied with a battery charger.
Infolithium does not degrade the way a NiCad battery does.
Fluke Corp, Everett, WA, addressed the needs service technician and developed the ScopeMeter 123 test tool, a small, hand-held, rechargeable NiCad battery-powered instrument that integrates oscilloscope, multimeter, and "paperless" recorder functions.
A nicad battery is also available for an additional $50.
Of the three, NiCad batteries have the least storage capacity and are susceptible to a problem called memory effect.