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an iron with considerable loft


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Pursuers including liquidator Paul Duffy say PS19million was paid to Niblick Investments SA - a company owned and controlled by Levene, who is now serving a 13-year jail sentence for fraud.
However, they generally lack the precision that can be achieved by direct observation or video surveillance (Ruby and Niblick, 1994).
SPORT: Welsh soccer's bad boy in trouble again - while training in Portugal, Cardiff-born Liverpool star Craig Bellamy turns clubmate John Arne Riise into a golf club mate, whacking him with a number nine iron or maybe a niblick.
A full bag of clubs usually included three woods, a driver, spoon and niblick, a 7 and 8 iron, a sand wedge, putter and a half dozen balls.
53-56; Tim Niblick, "'Pariah States" & Sanctions in The Middle East: Iraq, Libya, Sudan (Boulder and London: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2001), pp.
She was the sort of girl who'd pull out your wood and niblick.
Every niblick knows there are more important social and ethical issues facing sports today.
Many years ago, clubs had names like brassie, spoon, niblick, and cleek.
At first I had some difficulty in making him understand me, although I told him very clearly that I wanted a driver, a brassie, a midiron, a mashie, a mashie niblick, a niblick and a putter.
The winner will receive three new Dunlop DDH masters golf balls (replace with, "a pair of new Niblick golf shoes" for the high importance condition).
So the city council turned to Congress, which stuck the tab with federal taxpayers, in Iowa and other far-flung places, who will never cross the Niblick Bridge.
Niblick Division -- T1, Mike Brockelman-John Brockelman, Tony Rakic-Anthony Pasquale, -3.
Ironically playing the "Beat the Pro" hole for the event, Vickers used a niblick, the ancient version of the modern eight iron, to record the fifth ace of his career.
How magnificent to see him continue to effectively wield his Niblick to such a high standard, despite the advancing years.
And with 10 courses no further than a mashie niblick away, it's as close to golfing paradise as there is.