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a biter who takes dainty repeated bites

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During their down time, the duo would battle it out on all sorts of classic arcade games, stumbling across Nibbler in the process.
Kumar Sangakkara proceeded to deliver a masterclass in the art of sledging, banging on about 'weight of expectation' and asking how The Nibbler would cope.
The Nibbler package includes 3GB monthly download capacity and costs GBP14.
Considered a cheap shot, the nibbler will likely try this tactic toward the end of the negotiation, just about the time you're supposed to sign-off on the deal.
Other tools worth thinking about include a tile saw, nibbler and file.
Because the Nibbler uses a cutting or grating action, versus grinding, the problems associated with size reduction--such as temperature rise, noise, and dust generation--are eliminated, says Gericke.
The nibbler is an insulated lunchbox, and the mighty bite is the smallest, made for all things small and portable; from a cell phone to iPod[R], crayons to small collectibles.
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty Nibbler With Punch And Die Profil Cutting Equipment For Distortion Free Cutting Of Alloyed Steels And Stainless Make : Bosch Or Similar As Per Specification Attached And As Detailed Below Make :Germany Brand Bosch Model No :Gna 3.
You'd never guess it to look at her, but it turns out Gemma - who plays intellectually challenged Carmel McQueen - is a bit of a naughty nibbler.
IT'S time to turn Sherlock Holmes - and crack the case of the Nasty Nibbler lurking in YOUR garden.
The lively dribbler - sorry, nibbler - was given all-star treatment and Paul put posters in shop windows to announce his unexpected acquisition.
In addition, three new plates are available - the Nibbler Tray which includes meats, cheeses and assorted vegetables; Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray; and Pinwheel Trays.
Tenders are invited for Punch For Nibbler Machine Make: Makita Model Jn 3200 Or Equivalent.
The Glasgow Nibbler is a colossal 203ft, 120-tonne crane which has arrived at Riverside Dene, the area formerly known as Cruddas Park, to begin demolishing two now defunct tower blocks, The Beeches and The Poplars.
Bender flushes Nibbler down the toilet in the Emmy Award-winning animated series FUTURAMA SEASON 2 BOX SET (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, pounds 34.