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a biter who takes dainty repeated bites

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During their down time, the duo would battle it out on all sorts of classic arcade games, stumbling across Nibbler in the process.
The obvious long midline skin incisions are given and it continued down up to the coccyx with dissection of paravertebral muscle and soft tissue laterally and bilateral laminectomy is done with a bone nibbler interspinous and supraspinous ligaments are cut.
Place the first bone nibbler over the patient's intact forehead (Fig.
En el caso de Nibbler el valor final obtenido fue de 3.
It was just before Christmas and she decided that Nibbler would make an excellent present).
It may not be a Gmail killer, but it could be nibbler," predicted Altimeter Group analyst Charlene Li.
Say you knew me then, my nibbler, tonguer of cold jewels.
The N100 Nibbler is designed for singulating tab-routed printed circuit boards.
The author then moves onto the mind and, with a series of lists, provides a range of options on how to be motivated, how to fight stress-related eating, how to fight off a binge and how to stop being a nibbler.
everyone except Tom, whose mouth was already full of food, he being a late-afternoon non-stop nibbler.
Kumar Sangakkara proceeded to deliver a masterclass in the art of sledging, banging on about 'weight of expectation' and asking how The Nibbler would cope.
The Nibbler package includes 3GB monthly download capacity and costs GBP14.
Considered a cheap shot, the nibbler will likely try this tactic toward the end of the negotiation, just about the time you're supposed to sign-off on the deal.
Other tools worth thinking about include a tile saw, nibbler and file.
Because the Nibbler uses a cutting or grating action, versus grinding, the problems associated with size reduction--such as temperature rise, noise, and dust generation--are eliminated, says Gericke.