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the writing point of a pen


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horny projecting mouth of a bird

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On the Effective Date, all properties, assets, liabilities, rights and obligations of NIB Bank will stand amalgamated and vest permanently in MCB Bank and, as a consequence, NIB Bank shall be amalgamated with and into MCB Bank.
At first the nibs were simply pushed into the ends of quills, but as ingenious improvements to the designs of nibs appeared, so too did the nib holders.
NIB is an international financial institution owned by the eight member countries of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.
Accused Mohammad Ali was maintaining bank account in NIB Blue Area Branch in name of Solution Unlimited.
NIB remains committed to providing top quality financial and wealth solutions to its customers.
It also gives visitors the chance to get hands on experience, including writing using a host of different implements and to make their own pen nib using original machinery.
Khurram Agha, CIO, NIB Bank, said, 'Expanding our collaboration with Misys offers us a full-fledged treasury solution that meets NIB Bank's requirements.
Commenting on the agreement, Fady Fiani, Head of Sales Middle East & South East Asia for Misys, adds, "We are delighted that NIB Bank has turned to Misys to provide it with a comprehensive solution to help mitigate operational and financial risk.
Back to its original or shorter from, the Apple stylus nib will behave more like a pencil or that of a regular electronic pointing tool.
But their efforts saw Birmingham become the global centre of the steel pen nib industry, and it all started with a small workshop-based city trade in the 1820s.
As a result, NIB developed an education campaign to change perceptions in the business community of the abilities of people who are visually impaired.
KARACHI -- The NIB Bank has announced that it is bringing Internet Payment Gateway in Pakistan that will allow online businesses to charge their customers through debit or credit card.
Chidambaram on National Investment Board ( NIB), but the ministry of finance has gone ahead listing the virtues of the much- required NIB.
Henrik Normann, NIB president and chief executive, said the loan was part of the bank's strategy to provide long-term financing for SMEs through intermediary banks.