next of kin

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the person who is (or persons who are) most closely related to a given person

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Because of this sobering reality, the department has devised a well-developed plan to effectively and compassionately notify next of kin and its own employees when such a calamity occurs.
If a deceased tenant (rent stabilized or controlled) has neither an estate, nor next of kin, the owner may face numerous obstacles attempting to recover possession of the apartment.
As for the repatriation, we are looking at options if the next of kin can bear the cost.
Anyone concerned about putting all their details on to the disc can omit certain details and leave the next of kin address details blank if the same as the driver's.
She also told how next of kin had been spat at during a chance meeting in Belfast city centre.
There are no suspicious circumstances but officers are trying to find his next of kin.
The press release revealed that tthose who are unable to obtain information about their next of kin in Japan following this calamity may contact the Consular Affairs Division on the following telephone numbers:
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said officers were waiting for his next of kin to be informed and formal identification to take place.
On her last visit she said that if anything happened to my husband, she would inherit everything as she is his next of kin.
Yet the medal is only given to next of kin so John's grieving parents, Carol and Ray, received nothing.
after midnight on Friday but the victim, in his 20s, died a short time later at the scene in Police said last night they would not identify the victim until next of kin had been Police said last night they would not identify the victim until next of kin had been informed.
His death is not being treated as suspicious and British Transport Police (BTP) were last night attempting to identify him and inform next of kin.
Next of kin have been informed and have asked for a period of grace before further details are released.
Abstract: The well-being of patients' next of kin can be an important factor with regard to the care and rehabilitation of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).
I have no family, and my next of kin is my ex-partner.