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a stall where newspapers and other periodicals are sold

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Today's Newsstand agreement complements the existing ads agreement that the LMC and Google entered in February 2014.
Granted, publishers could always say that many stores throughout the UCLA Village carry newspapers and magazines, but a newsstand remains the symbol of print media and through their inaction, the publishers are resigning themselves to what they are made to believe is the eventual demise of print media.
The Metalcasting Newsstand App also allows access to extra features available only in the digital editions, including videos and audiocasts.
The prospect of a newsstand controlled by Apple did not sit well with those who were already suspicious of the company's intentions.
Newsstand features automatic background downloading when new issues are released, bringing unparalleled convenience to the purchasing and download process.
Additionally, like regular Apple apps, Newsstand participants that charge a fee for content must share 30 percent of that fee with Apple (though free apps can play in the Newsstand world at no cost).
Digital Publishing Suite support for Newsstand will provide Adobe's publishing customers the ability to deliver engaging content directly to the digital doorstep of subscribers on their iPads," said Todd Teresi, vice president and general manager, Media Solutions, Adobe.
He said, 'When I take the dirt nap, they'll put a statue like that for me at the newsstand.
And 50 percent "sell-through" is about as good as it gets in the magazine newsstand business.
The complaint alleges that an oversized, unlicensed newsstand at that corner constricts pedestrian traffic flow to such a degree that people are forced to walk in the street to make their way east or west along the south side of 34th Street.
NEW YORK -- The New York Times announced today that its apps for iPad and iPhone are now available on Newsstand, a key feature of iOS 5.
30DC management believes that Newsstand has the potential to do for digital media what iTunes did for music.
PixelMags, a world leader in content distribution software, has announced that they are now compliant with Apple's upcoming Newsstand and iOS5 platform.
So, looking for other outlets, he began publishing several tabloid-format issues a year seeking both revenue from newsstand sales and exposure to a wider universe of potential prospects.
Earlier this year, the association appealed successfully to the city's Landmarks Commission to disallow a newsstand in front of the landmark Cartier's jewelry store.