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cheap paper made from wood pulp and used for printing newspapers


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based specialty print paper, pulp and newsprint company's fourth-quarter net loss down to $C95 million ($US85-1/2 million) or $C6.
Hindustan Newsprint has invited bids for its de-inked pulp plant at Newsprint Nagar in Kottayam district of Kerala.
Catalyst Paper Corporation has completed its $161 million acquisition of a recycled newsprint mill in Snowflake, Arizona.
While we have delivered strong returns for our owners over time, the newsprint marketplace is evolving.
Sticking with the positive, it's fairly clear that most Europeans sellers are looking for higher prices for their newsprint as each of the big players made announcements in the run-up to the vital year-end negotiating period.
This practice not only saves space, but also preempts the loss of history via newsprint decomposition.
The new line was designed to specifically handle newsprint with damage-free handling and high-load capacity.
Newsprint producers still gain from the low value of rupiah against the U.
Newspapers this year are enjoying the best of all possible worlds for making profits--reasonably strong advertising performance and rapidly falling newsprint prices.
Avenor is one of the leaders in newsprint recycling.
A number of companies hold licenses to log in Clayoquot Sound, but the largest is MacMillan Bloedel (unaffectionately known by forest activists as "MacBlo"), which supplies newsprint and telephone directory paper to U.
Many towns now pay contractors to haul the newspapers away or rent warehouse space until the market for old newsprint improves.
With newsprint constituting a paper's largest expense after labor, even the slightest fluctuation in price could mean millions of dollars saved or lost.
ABY and BOW have overlapping footprints in newsprint and supercalendered papers and lumber.
Consolidation of newsprint makers has finally put them in the price driver's seat, with the price of paper gaining 26 percent -- to $700 a metric ton (tonne) -- since last October, and planned price increases of $20 a month for at least the next three months and possible through to the end of the year.