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deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language use to mislead and manipulate the public

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In a nod to Orwell's Newspeak, the ISC prefers to call it "bulk interception" and "bulk collection.
The fanatical oppression, suppression, and repression of nuanced language in the form of gender-neutral language is an expression of this Newspeak.
Certainty" in this government newspeak means you can be certain your investment is no longer protected by a valid permit.
But then the Israeli story took a sudden twist when the F banned American airlines from flying to Tel Aviv, forcing a complete turnaround in Zionist newspeak on complicit US media outlets.
Of course, when we complained the health authority did a 1984 with a response of "less is more, worse is better" attitude that out-Big Brothered George Orwell's Big Brother, and his Newspeak.
At first blush, by adopting the liquidators' newspeak and the international regulatory agenda, the FIO seemed to have missed an opportunity to focus attention on one area of state-regulation of insurance ripe for close scrutiny and national attention.
Denying that reality, renaming the opposition to it in Newspeak, as prejudicial intent, is a bankrupted idea whose time has passed.
It's the kind of Newspeak that would make George Orwell proud.
The government, which was quick to resort to manipulation, lies, Orwellian newspeak and violent police repression, is now hoping the arrival of warm summer days will calm spirits and prompt the strike to fizzle out.
According to Thom, the essential feature of "wooden language"--a species of Orwell's Newspeak -, is its intimate relationship to a totalitarian power, particularly to Sovietic political power: "Wooden language is the central organ of the totalitarian state".
IF YOU'RE LOOKING to get past the Orwellian newspeak that too often infects company filings, money manager commentary and marketing material associated with the investments you make, Footnoted.
Flowing with an unself-conscious ease, rare for the genre, in directions that are neither predictable nor particularly surprising, this superbly thesped Russian pic carves out its own idiosyncratic logic as the translator, cut off from his old existence, finds solace in the aimless teen through a form of cross-generational newspeak.
It is as if the Government has taken a leaf out of novelist George Orwell's frightening book 1984 to create a Newspeak in which ignorance is strength.
He argues they are more like Orwell's artificial coinages in Newspeak (e.
The logic for terminating something that worked so well is a fine example of governmental newspeak and trepidation.