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deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language use to mislead and manipulate the public

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In a nod to Orwell's Newspeak, the ISC prefers to call it "bulk interception" and "bulk collection.
The fanatical oppression, suppression, and repression of nuanced language in the form of gender-neutral language is an expression of this Newspeak.
Asked which words or phrases they had heard used or used themselves, the majority (63%) of Americans had heard or used the term Big Brother (made popular since the novel by the long-running TV show), one in three (34%) were aware of the term thought police and one in four (24%) of Newspeak.
This is why it employs so many Newspeak terms when discussing war.
Denying that reality, renaming the opposition to it in Newspeak, as prejudicial intent, is a bankrupted idea whose time has passed.
It's the kind of Newspeak that would make George Orwell proud.
No amount of diplomatic 'recommendations' or newspeak can ever challenge or alter that fact.
As time passed, the chasm between the Newspeak and the reality became more obvious.
Chapter 3, "Invented Vocabularies: The Cases of Newspeak and Nadsat," is by Howard Jackson, and looks at the treatment of language and lexicons in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-four and Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange.
Mind you that was in 2006 and he was opposed to actually attacking Iran, so this newspeak may indicate .
Newspeak also utilizes a passive voice, which breaks with the convention that specific Chinese verbs can only be used in the active voice.
According to Thom, the essential feature of "wooden language"--a species of Orwell's Newspeak -, is its intimate relationship to a totalitarian power, particularly to Sovietic political power: "Wooden language is the central organ of the totalitarian state".
It is as if the Government has taken a leaf out of novelist George Orwell's frightening book 1984 to create a Newspeak in which ignorance is strength.
He argues they are more like Orwell's artificial coinages in Newspeak (e.