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a columnist who writes for newspapers

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The incident has sparked criticism from newspaper columnists.
Newspaper columnist Brian O'Neill will serve as spokesman for The Newspaper Guild and will make a short statement at 11:30 a.
Guiding Parents Succeeding Children: Reflections On Raising children In 79 Articles By A Parent, Therapist, Teacher, Coach" by psychotherapist and newspaper columnist Tom McNair is the debut title in the new 'Your Mind and Heart' series designed to present sound advice, sage counsel, practical insights, and applicable information for parents seeking to maintain a traditional family life for themselves and their children.
Prosecutors have dropped a charge of wasting police time brought against a newspaper columnist who claimed to have killed her great aunt.
Joseph DeGrocco, a seminary professor and newspaper columnist who is said to have been "born with a microphone in his hand," has a new pulpit from which to evangelize: a TV game show called "Divine Intervention.
She is married to TV journalist and newspaper columnist Steve Barnes.
Newspaper columnist Peter McKay said Edwards' commentary was not up to scratch, and dubbed him a 'forelock-tugging serf'.
Denise Robertson will be talking to North East Tonight presenter Pam Royle about her life, and how she became the UK's favourite agony aunt, a successful novelist and newspaper columnist in a fundraising event for Sunderland University on April 26 at 7.
Toronto -- Self-styled feminist, abortion campaigner and former Toronto Star newspaper columnist Michele Landsberg has been elected to head up Women's College Hospital, which the province has just announced will divorce from Toronto's Sunnybrook hospital to focus on women's health.
This is the first time that the United States has accepted a military mission from Mexico" for such work, noted Javier Ibarrola, a Mexican newspaper columnist who covers military affairs.
Peter Howard, MRA's leader at the time who had been an influential newspaper columnist, told him: 'You are meant to be a mighty tree, under whose branches many people can find shelter and purpose'.
In his 1965 essay "On Evasive Thinking," then-dissident Vaclav Havel identified the dangers of such hyperactive contextualizing by heaping criticism on a Czech newspaper columnist who reacted to two cases of pedestrians being killed by falling window ledges by waxing at length about the rosy future prospects made possible by the Communist Party.
The Day of the Jackall author and newspaper columnist was urging voters in Mr Blair's County Durham constituency to back Reg Keys.
With most of the action centering on the newspaper columnist and her will-I-or-won't-I move to Paris dilemma, the normally laugh-a-minute Samantha is not getting much of a look in.
The award-winning performances of Swank and Hanks stand on the shoulders of such old school Oscar-nominated queer characters as Dame Judith Anderson's housekeeper obsessed with the lost Rebecca (she suffers death by incineration in a fire) and Clifton Webb's superbly acidic newspaper columnist in Laura (gunned down by police).