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a person who investigates and reports or edits news stories

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Colbert commented that the device made the newsman look like he was "from the future," which led Safer to reply, "Stephen, I am the future," before stepping off the elevator.
The newly minted Golden Globe nominee finally got around to apologizing to Lauer for a disastrous interview in which he called the newsman "glib" and ranted about psychiatry and Scientology, reports E
Louis when Ron Morgan hired me as a newsman on KS-84 (KSD-FM) in 1980.
Longtime television newsman Doug Krile, who most recently was corporate director of news and public relations at Equity Broadcasting Corp.
Vintage black-and-white photographs on almost every page illustrate this absorbing life story of a distinguished newsman, especially recommended for middle and secondary school library collections.
Also included is former ABC newsman and top Bratton aide John Miller.
THE unlawful killing of veteran ITV newsman Terry Lloyd was a war crime.
THE NEWSMAN postponed his retirement when recording his ninth and perhaps most dramatic success in the two-and-a-half-mile handicap chase.
Another McCarthy misstep: attacking iconic newsman Edward R.
As the third UNC collection on the best of Southern food writing, this volume springs from the Appalachians, the Ozarks and "the hillbilly diaspora" with writers as diverse as its natives from poet Nikki Giovanni to newsman Rick Bragg.
Characters include McKinley and his suffering wife Ida; William Randolf Hearst, unscrupulous newsman who urges the removal of McKinley; Mark Hanna, king maker, who raises millions from businessmen and buys the presidency; Emma Goldman, anarchist and advocate of free love; Ambrose Bierce, fiery newsman who writes for Hearst; Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick, men of steel who have striking workers shot; William Jennings Bryan, McKinley's political rival; and flamboyant vice president Teddy Roosevelt.
Richard Burrell, a prominent newsman whose wife, Lee is a professor of geology, is sent over to investigate.
He is a veteran newsman with 16 years of newspaper and television experience.
Records also indicate, as reported in the Kansas City Star, that "media mogul Ted Turner, National Basketball Association player Scottie Pippen and Sam Donaldson, an ABC newsman, continue to get subsidies.
COURSE specialist The Newsman is napped to record his seventh victory around Fontwell Park's unique figure-of-eight circuit today.