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not having or receiving news or information

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not providing news or information

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old connoisseur of voice sounds, of voices without messages, of newsless winds, listen to the vowel sounds and the crackling dentals, to the low harsh gutturals of empty anguish, now riding the curve of preacher's rhythm I had heard long ago in a Baptist church, stripped now of its imagery.
On a typical night the authors found one hard news story (finding the "lost" hard drives with nuclear secrets at the Los Alamos Laboratory) and a speculative, newsless report on whether Osama Bin Laden might attack the Olympic Games in Sydney.
So compliant are they that Glasgow could be hit by a storm of biblical proportions but if McCann, while looking out on to a London Road under five feet of rainwater, were to say down the line to the east: "We've got a lovely day through here," at least one of these newsless papers would print that as gospel.
After a summer widely bemoaned as newsless, in which Op-Editorializers were forced to treat the bite Mike Tyson took out of Evander Holyfield's ear with a level of indignation last displayed when Saddam Hussein made similar inroads on Kuwait, and in which they mourned the murder of Gianni Versace as if it were the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
There are simply no excuses anymore to be newsless," he said.