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someone who broadcasts the news

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It was an extreme example of how female newscasters just love to 'decorate' themselves to 'enhance' their 'beauty.
The newscaster then interrupted me to say that the information was reported by Interfax [a Russian news agency],which was untrue as I had the agency website on my computer's screen and there was no such piece of news, so we continued our spat under air," Hassan said.
Things got so interesting people were talking about the situation and looked forward to what was go-ing to happen next and sometimes our newscaster had to pause to let Haw Haw finish what he was being on about.
In the television medium, a newscaster must also be reasonably aware of personal appearance.
Meanwhile, while mentioning the NBA games on the channel's sports news program on Friday, the newscaster said, "The NBA, namely the National Basketball Association Games of the United States," instead of the previous practice of simply saying "the NBA".
1 Which newscaster hosted the Moral Maze on Radio 4 from 1990?
A MEMORIAL service was taking place today in honour of former ITN newscaster Carol Barnes, who died at the age of 63 earlier this month following a stroke.
France 24, the country's first international newscaster, launched its first Arabic-language service April 2.
Infinitely more sparky than Swapshop, the Midlandsmade show boasted such luminaries as Spit the Dog, Lenny Henry's newscaster Trevor McDonut - and of course the famous Phantom Flan-Flinger.
This seasoned actor, newscaster, talk show host, announcer, and writer can do it all and make it sound easy.
The newscaster for Chicago's WBBM Channel 2 received several compliments that led her to think: 'This is a sign.
A local newscaster recently declared, "The cardinal said today the resignation of the pope 'has to be free and willful'.
95) receives Susan Ericksen's warm voice which is the perfect accent to a story of a TV newscaster who blames a shattered life on a D.
The paper described her as "intelligent, well-spoken and unusually poised for her age," noting that she "wants to be a television newscaster.