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a short news announcement concerning some on-going news story

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She also is the president of the Journalism for Nation Building Foundation, an independent, nonprofit spinoff of Newsbreak that produces public interest work in books and special reports.
For the details, see Barbara Quint's NewsBreak at http://newsbreaks.
The NewsBreak video series serves up the biggest stories in a bite-sized and engaging medium.
Ilium Software, eWallet, ListPro, NewsBreak, DockWare, and Keep Track are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ilium Software, Inc.
A month or so ago, I did two NewsBreaks for the infotoday.
When I started to report on the Philippine Supreme Court in 2007 for Newsbreak magazine, I was intrigued--and challenged--by its culture of secrecy and its strong system of hierarchy.
NBTV Campaigns Now Include 60 Second NewsBreak Shorts[TM] Spots Aired Nationally on DIRECTV[R] & DISH Network[R]
He pulled off a classic kuryente (false alarm) at my expense one time, telling the Newsbreak staff that "balong" had decided to quit.
Reports said Gomez is getting her own perfume after the newsbreak of Bieber's fragrance 'Someday' hit an all-time celebrity fragrance with record sales at Macy's.
Shadow of Doubt" was published by Newsbreak, the online news and current affairs magazine.
Other leaders include: Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela (#3); George Ishaq, leader of the Kefaya movement in Egypt (#9); John McCain, US Senator (#14); Ngozi Okonjo-Ikewala, Nigeria's finance minister (#18); Lakshmi Mittal, steel magnate (#25); Moqtada Al Sadr, Shia cleric, Iraq (#29); and Marites Danguilan-Vitug, Editor-in-Chief of Newsbreak magazine, Philippines (#45).
And if you're curious about how SLA went this year, make your way over to Marydee Ojala's NewsBreak on the subject, "The Future of SLA: A Strategic Framework and Recommendations for Moving Forward," found at bit .
The news comes on the heels of Tuesday's newsbreak that TTCM China is seeking a government license and making arrangements to mine and process the rare and valuable metal, vanadium.
NuVox Communications won a Silver Wing Award of Merit in the Multimedia Newsletters category for "NuVox NewsBreak.
Ilium Software has released NewsBreak, a powerful Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC application that gives you real-time access to international news, entertainment, sports, and technology articles.