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Nearly 54 percent of respondents who read a news story of a mass shooting thought persons with serious mental illness were likely to be dangerous, compared to 40 percent in the control group.
We had published wrong statements in a news story on September 15, 2010 alleging that Erdogan's AK Party received a donation of 25 million USD from Iran for an election campaign.
I am simply reflecting on what makes a good news story.
However the internet does enable us to access so many different interpretations of a news story - from FOX News, to Al Jazeera and the BBC, meaning we can often make a much more informed opinion ourselves.
84) Specifically, although the DOJ agrees that a prepackaged news story could violate the publicity and propaganda provisions of the appropriations acts, the controlling factor is whether the story advocates a particular viewpoint--not whether the story notifies the audience of the source of the story.
We are not an official church organ, so any item that you might read in the Journal, whether it is a news story, an op/ed article, an editorial or an advertisement does not imply the "support" of the Anglican Church of Canada.
George Pataki announced his support for reform of the state's Medicaid system days after a local news story focused attention on problems in Medicaid reimbursement calculation.
Finally the news story I've been craving comes out ["Family Life During Wartime," April 29].
Which news story do you think has had a greater effect on the image of the U.
WHILE Cain's is a good news story for the whole of Liverpool, today the ECHO reports on a good news story for the residents of Kensington.
To date, however, little work has analyzed the impact that different narrators and alternate ways of telling the same news story can have on receivers' perceptions of the same factual news content, although it is believed that "identical story events can seem radically different depending upon the narrator's [point of view] and on the degree of the narrator's power, remoteness, objectivity, or reliability" (Kozloff, 1992, p.
Also see Dance Magazine's June 2000 news story on Halprin's Cowell Theater retrospective and the September 2000 news story on the Dance USA Roundtable.
We gave our Costa Rica correspondent Julie Dulude a news story, a couple of names and two weeks to locate Camelot Insurance Company, S.
The ABC news story on the HHV-6 link to MS did not put the scientific study they cited into context.
Any decision of the Supreme Court is a major news story (although many are not treated as such), and any judicial decision concerning the president is surely a major news story, as well.