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an item in a newspaper

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Foreign Office Spokesperson in a statement said a section of media, while reporting about the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, yesterday, has given a highly misleading news item that Dossiers on India have no material evidence.
The spokesperson has categorically refuted the claim made in the said news item and termed the report as factually untrue.
In a press statement, "I have never met any Israeli official", an Arab League statement cited him as saying, calling all media to be more precise on diffusing such non-accurate baseless news items.
com/AgriMarketing (average of three news items posted daily).
One evening in January we were astounded to see that of eight news items seven of then were from south of the Tyne.
Summary: BEIRUT: People are unfortunately obliged to "make an effort" to distinguish between news items and analysis in Lebanon's media, according to Information Minister Tarek Mitri.
The next news item was outside a hospital reporting on the well being of Mrs Thatcher, now recovering and able to sit up alongside her bed .
Your news item focused on how the system will combat absenteeism and did not state that this major IT project utilises leading edge technology and is unique in both the private and public sector on bringing together real time information and management systems in one intuitive, easy to use system.
The Register-Guard on Wednesday inadvertently published a year-old news item about a Springfield man who was killed in a pedestrian- vehicle crash on Interstate 5 near Creswell.
Which brings me to another news item that appeared the same week.
News Item, who looked the winner of the Ulster Grand National a long way out, and trainer Paul Nolan who landed a double
I am writing to you regarding an erroneous news item about our company published on page 25 of March 2004 Solutions
Thank you for the news item "Remembering a Legend" on the Calgary, Alberta, drugstore owner, which appeared in your excellent magazine in the "Exercising the Right" section (November 17, 2003 issue).
Another is related to a news item found in this month's issue (Scrap Industry News, page 6).
The Telegraph of London ran a photo of English "vanners" Eva Hasell and Iris Sayle, along with accompanying news item, with their Ford Model T caravan.