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an item in a newspaper

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The names mentioned in the news item were taken from a list compiled by the Establishment Division for the Supreme Court.
The news item gave the impression that Dr Ali Al-Rahmani is the outgoing ambassador of Iraq, however, he is at present serving as the current ambassador,' a statement from the President House media section said.
A local news channel on Friday morning aired a news item wherein it was claimed that the LHC had received reports from the agencies regarding 18 lawyers being considered for elevation as LHC judges.
He stated that inquiry committee would be provided opportunity to work in free, fair and transparent atmosphere so that who is behind the news item could be identified.
I had to read and reread the news item several times to be sure I didn't miss anything.
Regarding second category of Frame C 'Tabliban as Friend', the Table 3 tells us that it was only used by The News in 01 news item while Dawn and The Nation did not apply this frame in any of the news item.
In a press statement, "I have never met any Israeli official", an Arab League statement cited him as saying, calling all media to be more precise on diffusing such non-accurate baseless news items.
Each news item comprises an obligatory news kernel, which summarizes the key facts of an item, and an optional news subsidiary.
We anticipate one news item per week, but that, of course, depends on what is happening within the agricultural industry.
Times of India in a news item reports that "The US will bring a fresh resolution o the UN Human Rights Council in a bid to force Sri Lanka to deliver on promises to probe its troops for war crimes, top US diplomats announced on Monday after talks with Colombo.
So, for the 15 weekday nights I kept a careful note of the location of each news item - excluding sports.
People should know where a news item begins, and where analysis begins.
However, I was appalled to hear one national BBC news item immediately follow another concerning hospitals and how the bed allocation will hit the elderly.
The news item "Grad Grants" (May/June '10), about projects funded by ART Alumni Association, miscredited two productions: Macb**h was directed and created by Craig Baldwin, not Aysan Celik, who was a performer and producer on the piece.
Dear Editor, In response to your news item on March 18, about the new HR computer system, People Solutions, which was launched to managers at Birmingham City Council last week.