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a star that has collapsed under its own gravity

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It was first identified as a neutron star in 2009 but it was only when the research team observed the star with the Very Large Array radio telescope in the United States in 2013 and 2014 that they realised the star was producing much stronger jets than expected.
It exploits hotspots (burst oscillations) that form on the neutron star surface when material accreted from a companion star undergoes a thermonuclear explosion (a Type I X-ray burst).
After the mantle explodes out of the super nova, the core is left as a neutron star and starts to oscillate about its equilibrium of gravity and pressure.
Thorne-Zytkow objects (TZOs) are hybrids of red supergiant and neutron stars that superficially resemble normal red supergiants, such as Betelguese in the constellation Orion.
Scientists, while studying the behaviour of two rare class of binary system containing speedily spinning neutron stars called pulsars, noticed that these pulsars consume their mates, similar to that of black widow spiders and their Australian cousins called redbacks, who are notorious for their tainted love, as they have a tendency to kill and devour their male partners.
For the first time, we can study a newly minted neutron star in an X-ray binary system.
Now it appears that neutron star mergers inevitably produce aligned jet-like structures in an ultrastrong magnetic field.
The scientists used an effect of Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity to measure the mass of the neutron star and its orbiting companion, a white dwarf star.
Scientists believe the object could be the first neutron star or black hole ever spotted within a supernova.
Dr Michael Rupen, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in the US, said: ``It's very exciting -it's either the youngest black hole or neutron star ever seen.
A group of researchers in Japan said Sunday it has succeeded in creating super-dense conditions comparable to that inside a neutron star, or a density several quadrillion times that of water.
The object, travelling more than 100 times faster than a supersonic jet, is not an asteroid or comet but something far stranger - a runaway neutron star, astronomers say.
The result can be a neutron star - only 30 miles across, but unimaginably heavy and dense.
In this project I address the problem of the existence of neutron stars in X-ray binaries with spin periods of less than 1 millisecond and propose to perform the deepest pulse search ever done on neutron star low mass X-ray binaries.
A supergiant eventually engulfs its neutron star companion (right).