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an elementary particle with 0 charge and mass about equal to a proton

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Rawls WJ, Asmussen, LE (1973) Neutron field calibration for soils in the Georgia coastal plain.
A neutron beam capability is an essential element of a nation's scientific infrastructure because of the unique way in which neutrons interact with matter.
Scientists "shoot" protons at neutron-rich atoms in order to knock some of the neutrons away and collect them.
The neutrons bounce all over the moon like ping-pong balls," says David Lawrence, a research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Since it had a mass of 14, it must also contain seven neutrons.
The management team of Neutron Interactive was present to accept the award.
Neutron interferometric observation of the virtual excitation and multiple scattering correction terms to the index of refraction
When high-energy neutrons penetrate memory cells, it is probable that functional failure will occur, causing the device to operate in an unpredictable manner.
At the end of its life, a neutron turns into a proton, a process known as beta decay.
It is well-known that in the tree approximation (neglecting recoil corrections and electron/proton polarization) the neutron decay rate [13] can be written in terms of the angular correlations coefficients a, A, B and D:
Neutron Media is a full service marketing firm that operates an advertising based network of outdoor multimedia LED display screens.
A better neutron detector could help prevent nuclear or dirty-bomb terrorism, Clark says.
We report progress on an experiment to measure the neutron lifetime using magnetically trapped neutrons.
The acquisition of Stock-Trak is expected to provide Neutron with the expertise to accelerate development of the web site and infrastructure that will host its new fantasy stock-market competition.
Analysis of nuclear materials using fast neutron sources has become more common.