neutralization reaction

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a chemical reaction in which an acid and a base interact with the formation of a salt

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Seven types of chemical reactions that students encountered in Grade 9 were selected for this study: (1) combustion of metals, (2) chemical reactions between dilute acids and reactive metals, (3) neutralization reactions between strong acids and strong alkalis, (4) neutralization reactions between dilute acids and metal oxides, (5) chemical reactions between dilute acids and metal carbonates, (6) ionic precipitation reactions, and (7) metal-ion displacement reactions.
When an equal amount of an acid is combined with an equal amount of a base, a neutralization reaction occurs.
Cross neutralization reaction of SARS virus B J01 and GZ01 strains with sera of SARS patients from Beijing and Guangzhou regions.
3] But as the neutralization reaction proceeds, the cement's initially low pH level of 1.
Because a product of this neutralization reaction is what actually makes the dough rise--carbon dioxide ([CO.