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an advocate of neutrality in international affairs

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Thus, we arrived more or less in style for the presentation to Lao Premier Katay Don Sasorith, a pro-Thai Lao nationalist who had succeeded neutralist Souvanna Phouma.
Nonetheless, the political struggle among communists, neutralists, and rightists continued.
In the EU it is the states that decide whether to go to war, whether to contribute to NATO forces (countries like Ireland, strongly neutralist, will not), or whether to support 'coalitions of the willing' such as the one that intervened in Iraq.
Soviet Premier Khrushchev in September 1960 had proposed in the General Assembly of the United Nations the abolition of the post of Secretary-General to be replaced by a "Troika" representing the Western powers, the Socialist States, and neutralist countries.
Over the following decade, the rapid waning of the Cold War ideological conflict and growing attractiveness of European integration eroded Finnish and Swedish motivations for pursuing neutralist foreign policies.
And, finally, "realists" like Kissinger and Nixon were ideologically irritated by the neutralist and Third World attitudinizing of Pandit Nehru and his successors as Indian prime minister.
With delusions of international grandeur, Mbeki inherited the mantle, both ideationally and literally, of the Cold War-era Non-Aligned Movement, which despite its lofty, neutralist pretensions was little more than a fellow traveling ally of the Soviet Union.
A distinction that has so far only been hinted at, but not yet explicated is the one between a magico-mythological approach and a more neutralist approach to meditation.
Congress considered the Court's neutralist anti-trust jurisprudence
Eisenhower, who authorized covert action--sometimes effective, sometimes disastrous--to topple neutralist governments in Iran, Guatemala, and Indonesia that he thought were leaning toward Moscow.
Hat was introduced 1928 Turkey becomes secular: clause-retaining Islam as state religion removed from constitution 1928 Introduction and the acceptance of the Roman alphabet 1931 The Metric system was introduced 1934 Religious attire was prohibited in public 1949 Membership to the Council of Europe 1952 Turkey abandons Ataturk's neutralist policy and joins NATO 1963 Association agreement signed with European Economic Community (EEC) 1987 Turkey applies for full EEC membership 1995 Pro-Islamist Welfare Party wins elections but lacks support to form government--two major centre-right parties form anti-Islamist coalition.
While neutralist feelings were spreading in Europe, McCarthyism was growing in the United States.
the secularist (demanding strict separation) and neutralist (demanding
row between the selectionist school of thought and the neutralist theory
The question of whether Turkmenistan will become neutralist and isolationist is likely to be determined domestically, and may even lead to a bloody civil disruption.