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Synonyms for neutral-colored

having a color that does not attract attention

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With their neutral-colored cotton yarns, these rugs mimic the look of sisal, but are further embellished with embroidery and fabric borders.
Wearing a bright pink wig and neutral-colored leotard and tights, she looked like an awkward, overgrown doll.
It shows a narrow, windowless room with neutral-colored walls, illuminated by a white globe lamp like a moon, and dominated by a bed clothed in a brilliant red coverlet.
With these unique neutral-colored diamonds, jewelry designers are then able to create modern and artistic designs that work perfectly with today's fashions at an affordable price point.
Rosenberg's projections provided a virtual set, while the neutral-colored costumes emphasized the performers' bodies, allowing the video images and lighting to take center stage.
Photographs taken before the improvements show a home of mostly white walls and neutral-colored carpets.
With simple, neutral-colored jackets with skirts for the women and jackets with pants for the men, Bryant grounds the dancers in the real world.