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Synonyms for neurosurgeon

someone who does surgery on the nervous system (especially the brain)

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As a neurosurgeon I am in a very privileged position to be able to help people, and to meet someone like Jessica, after I had forgotten I had helped to save her life in 1994, is what makes surgery so rewarding.
The SYMBIS human factors study involved a diverse group of 18 neurosurgeons of varying demographics and range of neurosurgical experience.
To establish the impact of the medicolegal environment on the behaviours and perceptions of South African (SA) neurosurgeons, a 40-question online survey was distributed to registered SA neurosurgeons.
The neurosurgeon said that he contacted the reporter who wrote the false report and asked him to correct the mistake and take his pictures down.
Training American and international neurosurgeons is one way ANI physicians can transfer their expertise and hands-on care to the patients of Arkansas and the world.
The little girl, from Peasedown St John, near Bath, was rushed to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol where neurosurgeons operated on her for four hours, opening up her skull so that the pencil could be removed.
A HERO neurosurgeon who pioneered treatment on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan has joined a Warwickshire care home.
Consultant skull-base neurosurgeon Nijaguna Mathad and ENT surgeon Salil Nair have pioneered the procedure at the hospital's Wessex Neurological Centre.
A Tunisian neurosurgeon has developed a new therapy of the hitherto incurable Parkinson's disease.
They were removed by the same neurosurgeon helped by the same anaesthetist, who kept me alive during lengthy and difficult operations.
Raphael Ibanez has been forced to retire from rugby on the advice of his neurosurgeon after failing to fully recover from a series of complex concussions.
Life in His Hands: The True Story of a Neurosurgeon and a Pianist by Susan Wyndham, Picador Australia, RRP $32.
with ``3 lbs,'' which stars Stanley Tucci (``The Devil Wears Prada's'' scene-stealer) as New York neurosurgeon Doug Hanson.
Besides being a journalist, Gupta is also a neurosurgeon.
A neurosurgeon needs extensive knowledge of the brain, nerves of steel, and a good dose of arrogance, writes Firlik, who is among the 5 percent of all practicing U.