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the branch of psychology that is concerned with the physiological bases of psychological processes

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A second branch of studies regarding Neuropsychological Assessment for verification of cognitive damage in forensic psychiatric patients encompasses the consequences of PTSD and patients with brain lesions.
Individuals with neurological insult are often required to undergo a neuropsychological assessment to determine if cognitive impairment has occurred.
Increasingly, to protect the public and referral sources, clinical psychologists who perform neuropsychological testing demonstrate their competence through board certification (eg, the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology).
In the available literature, it is clear that (a) neuropsychological assessments remain underutilized in pertinent settings and (b) there is little standardization in the methodology of such assessments.
Larner (neurology, Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, UK) aims to review current knowledge of neurocognitive and neuropsychological impairments that can occur in neurological disorders, as well as in some general medical conditions.
The author of a textbook on experimental neuropsychology, Hannay was also a co-author of a major reference book on neuropsychological assessment.
But relying solely on neuropsychological testing, which often begins with simple pencil-and-paper screening, frequently can lead to a patient being misdiagnosed.
Several studies have examined the neuropsychological impact of pesticide exposure, with mixed results.
Upon reviewing neuropsychological studies conducted for OCD and PD, it becomes apparent that more studies are performed on patients with OCD.
Neuropsychological school consultation can give neuropsychologist or psychologist, neuropsychology with a special psychologist~s supervision, as well as at least two years work experience in neuropsychological studies and / or rehabilitation.
Statistically significant improvements were seen in two of the neuropsychological tests performed for the B.
However, these findings are still controversial because several studies have found no such associations, nor with neuropsychological performance (17,23), nor with hippocampal measures (24-26).
M2 PHARMA-October 25, 2016-Cogstate and Clinical Ink form strategic alliance to deliver enhanced tablet-based neuropsychological assessments for CNS clinical trials
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 25, 2016-Cogstate and Clinical Ink form strategic alliance to deliver enhanced tablet-based neuropsychological assessments for CNS clinical trials
Treatment advances have reduced mortality rates but increased the number of survivors facing deficits in physical and neuropsychological function.