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any tumor derived from cells of the nervous system

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If you have pain between the third and fourth toes, you most likely have a Morton's neuroma.
In keeping with their mission, The Centre for Morton's Neuroma staff is dedicated to working with patients in a supportive and friendly environment to develop a treatment plan tailored to their particular needs.
For this retrospective study, we examined the available office charts of patients diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma who had been seen at our tertiary care neurotologic referral center.
When placed at the terminal end of a nerve, the conduit is designed to prevent formation of neuroma.
The Morton's neuroma is much better, but it still feels like a wad in the bottom of my right foot.
Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a gentler alternative to traditional brain surgery for illnesses such as acoustic neuromas and metastatic disease, which is cancer that has travelled to the brain from elsewhere in the body.
Acoustic neuroma (Figure 1) may occur in 90% of cases of patients with NF-2.
Bell was a Charter member of Acoustic Neuroma Association which she founded with seven other people in 1981.
I go through them at the rate of about four pairs a year, because of something called Morton's Neuroma.
He came back last week (he had to wait ages for his scan) to ask me what was involved in the microsurgery he is due to have next week for the Acoustic neuroma which was diagnosed on the scan he had earlier this year.
Q I HAVE been told the pain in my foot is caused by a neuroma.
In this study, 33 patients were randomly assigned to receive desflurane (D) or isoflurane (I) for acoustic neuroma surgery.
Radcliffe had an operation last month to remove a neuroma, or enlarged nerve.
An acoustic neuroma tumor presses the cranial nerve that is responsible for sensing sound and helping with balance.