neuroleptic agent

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A diagnosis of NMS should be considered for any patient taking any form of neuroleptic agent who presents with fever of unknown origin with or without documented muscle rigidity.
Concomitant use with dopamine antagonists such as neuroleptic agents is not recommended.
Neuroleptic agents and selective serotonin and seratonin-norepinephrine re-uptake inhibitors are already being used extensively in women who choose not to use hormone therapy or have a contraindication for the use thereof.
Side effects of neuroleptic agents were quantified using the extrapyramidal symptom rating scale (ESRS) (18) and abnormal involuntary movement scale (AIMS) (19).
Also known as major tranquillisers and antipsychotic drugs, neuroleptic agents comprise a group of seven classes of drugs.
In drug-naive acute psychotic patients with a predominance of positive symptoms, the administration of neuroleptic agents induces a shift to the left of the right-sided hemineglect (Tomer & Flor-Henry, 1989).