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any organic substance that occurs in neural activity

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A new study by UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco researchers finds that giving a drug that changes the neurochemical balance in the prefrontal cortex of the brain causes a greater willingness to engage in prosocial behaviors, such as ensuring that resources are divided more equally.
Walsh views the neurochemistry at the receptor site as directed by methylation that inhibits the reuptake of the neurochemical versus acetylation that enhances the neurochemical reuptake.
It appears that MRS-based neurochemical data may be useful as a biomarker for prenatal alcohol exposure.
Neurochemical aspects of neurotraumatic and neurodegenerative diseases.
Chemical dependence as a result of drug abuse occurs at the cellular level because of neurochemical dysregulation, and an evidence-based understanding of these chemical dynamics and of the circumstances that drive a person to abuse drugs could yield a more comprehensive and effective approach to treatment.
In this issue of Clinical Chemistry, Mulder and coworkers, who are experts in the neurochemical diagnosis field, provide data on the performance of these biomarkers in a routine setting over a 7-year period (14).
are beginning a clinical trial of a potential medication designed to correct a central neurochemical defect underlying Fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability.
The therapy entails taking three genes that produce dopamine, a key neurochemical that is depleted in Parkinson's.
These include experimental aspects of biophysics, neurochemical monitoring, neuro-imaging and clinical management of intracranial hypertension in traumatic brain injury and hydrocephalus.
An index for quick reference and a self-test to gauge one's own mindset round out this vital guide to rising above neurochemical and emotional misery.
A MIGRAINE attacks begin when the central nervous system is exposed to an environment that 'triggers' them, causing neurochemical changes in the brain.
These indices thus provide insight into the architectural alterations underlying the neurochemical effects of ETS.
The drugs operate on receptors in the brain producing a neurochemical which stops them receiving stress-causing messages from the outside world.
Yunus, who has researched fibromyalgia for more than 20 years, says all of these conditions - which afflict more women than men - share a neurochemical basis.