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tumor (usually benign) of the sheath surrounding a nerve

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Los schwannomas vestibulares (VS) historicamente llamados neurinomas del acustico son tumores benignos de la vaina nerviosa, tipicamente encapsulados y compuestos de celulas de schwann bien diferenciadas (1,2,3).
In view of the absorption of RF radiation in the head, the major concern has been the possibility of brain tumors in general and acoustic neurinomas in particular.
Su origen se debe a multiples factores, todos ellos reunidos en dos grandes grupos: a) anatomicos como la disminucion del tamano del tunel, el aumento del contenido del canal (por tumores, neurinomas, inflamaciones, infecciones, etc.
The authors are affiliated with Gruppo Otologico, based in Piacenza and Rome, Italy, where many thousands of procedures have been performed on posterior fossa lesions and acoustic neurinomas.
A recent review of available epidemiologic studies concluded that the use of mobile phones for > 10 years is associated with increased risk of ipsilateral gliomas and acoustic neurinomas (Hardell et al.
Los pacientes con neurinomas del acustico pueden presentar alteraciones en las respuestas R1 y R2 del lado afectado.
They were first described by Verocay, in 1908, who termed them neurinomas.
Trigeminal neurinomas extending into multiple fossae: Surgical methods and review of the literature.
Angiographic features of hypervascular neurinomas of the head and neck.
The type of cancers mobile phones can cause are acoustic neurinomas and the largest ever case against the mobile industry is about to take place in the USA with brain cancer victims launching a billiondollar case alleging, amongst other things, inadequate warnings, suppression of research findings and fraud.
Unilateral acoustic neurinomas affect only one ear and account for approximately 8 percent of all tumors inside the skull.