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surgical removal of all or part of a nerve

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Results from another study showed 28 of 42 patients with hip pain of varying etiologies responded to surgical neurectomy of the obturator and quadratus femoris components, where failures were attributed to an extrapelvic surgical approach and variability in joint innervation.
The neurectomy to the horse's left-fore leg came to light following a post-mortem carried out on Striking Article after the horse was pulled up and euthanised at Musselburgh.
Presacral neurectomy is another option that might be helpful, Dr.
The doctor has discussed the possibility of a selective neurectomy.
13) In cases in which more conservative measures have failed and symptoms are disabling, surgery may be done; however, tympanic neurectomy or subdermal fascia grafts are invasive, difficult procedures and have varying, and often temporary, efficacy.
The failure rate of neurectomy exceeds 20 percent, and neuromas can recur," said Fallat.
Other surgical procedures such as pudendal neurectomy, lumbar sympathectomy, aorto-iliac reconstruction, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, resection of spinal cord tumours, anterior fusion of lumbar spine, endocrine gland ablation, or pelvic radiotherapy have rates of post-surgical ED between 20% to 55%.
Papanicolaou tests/'Pap smears' with HPV DNA Testing for Cervical Cancer; Perineorrhaphy, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis; Pregnancy; Recurrent pregnancy loss; Presacral neurectomy (PSN) for the treatment of chronic pelvic pain; Salivary estriol test for preterm labor, Salpingectomy/salpingostomy, VABRA aspirator; Ultrasonography in pregnancy, Ultrasonongraphy screen for Down Syndrome, Uterine Activity Monitoring (UAM), Uterine Fibroid (Leiomyomata) Therapy; Uterine artery embolization for the treatment of fibroids; VABRA aspirator; Zinc blood levels in pregnancy.
Mandour MA, El-Sheikh MM, El-Garem E Tympanic neurectomy for parotid fistula.
On another of Johnson's horses, Striking Article, a palmar neurectomy was performed, an operation that severs nerves in the lower leg to desensitise pain.
Johnson, who also faced charges of administering steroids to three horses in his care, was chiefly held accountable for running a horse, Striking Article, eight times after he had undergone a palmar neurectomy.
The palmar neurectomy performed on Striking Article meant that he lost feeling in the back of his foot.
Johnson, who has been fighting to save his training career, admitted to running a horse (Striking Article) that had undergone a palmar neurectomy under his care, but claimed he was unaware of the rule prohibiting this.
However, this method includes invasive spinal surgery and a sacral nerve afferent neurectomy.
Techniques for destroying nerves, such as neurectomy, rhizotomy, and myelotomy, can also be used to control hypertonicity, but these are typically reserved for the most recalcitrant cases (Smyth & Peacock, 2000).