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surgical removal of all or part of a nerve

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We did determine that endolymphatic sac surgery resulted in a lower incidence of postoperative hearing loss than did either vestibular neurectomy or intratympanic gentamicin (figure 3).
4) Surgery is reserved for patients who still do not respond; surgical procedures include endolymphatic sac decompression, vestibular neurectomy, or labyrinthectomy.
A comparison of retrosigmoid IAC, retrolabyrinthine, and middle fossa vestibular neurectomy for treatment of vertigo.
Deidre Carson, president of the British Equine Veterinary Association, described a neurectomy as "a surgical procedure where the nerves in the lower limb or, more usually, the foot, are cut with the result that the foot becomes desensitised so there is no indication of pain".
When the auditory threshold is between 40 and 80 dB, we perform a vestibular neurectomy via a retrosigmoid approach.
Effects of contralateral acoustic stimulation on otoacoustic emissions following vestibular neurectomy.
Most otologists agree that the traditional surgical approaches for the management of unilateral Meniere's disease, such as vestibular neurectomy and labyrinthectomy, are contraindicated in bilateral Meniere's s disease because of the risk of hearing loss, disequilibrium, and oscillopsia.
13] If the vertigo attacks continue, the physician can perform either a posterior fossa vestibular neurectomy or a labyrinthectomy, depending on the level of hearing.
The concept of routine neurectomy in surgery is not unique to inguinal hernia as it is commonly employed in axillary dissection.
sup][1] Currently, treatments of diaphragmatic myoclonus include cervical plexus block, phrenic neurectomy, and medications such as carbamazepine and phenytoin.
In patients with TN refractory to medical therapy, it is reasonable to discuss options for surgical therapy using microvascular decompression or ablative procedures (rhizotomy with radiofrequency thermocoagulation, mechanical balloon compression, or chemical (glycerol) injection, radiosurgery, peripheral neurectomy and nerve block).
Outcome of palmar/plantar digital neurectomy in horses with foot pain evaluated with magnetic resonance imaging: 50 cases.
Possible surgical therapies for managing complex pain Lesional procedures Neuromodulation Other * Dorsal root entry zone * Spinal cord * Intrathecal lesioning stimulation medical therapy * Peripheral nerve * Microvascular stimulation decompression * Dorsal rhizotomy * Dorsal root ganglionectomy * Motor cortex stimulation * Rhizolysis of nerve ganglion * Cranial nerve stimulation * Neurectomy * Deep brain stimulation * Stereotactic radiosurgery * Percutaneous radiofrequency gangliolysis * Mechanical balloon gangliolysis * Image-guided tractotomy and nucleotomy * Cordotomy * Midline myelotomy
To assess the effects of prophylactic ilioinguinal neurectomy on the incidence and intensity of groin pain after open inguinal hernia repair.
Patients refractory to the medical treatment are subjected to various surgical procedures, which includes neurectomy of TN, glycerol block, radiofrequency rhizotomy, trigeminal ganglion compression and Gamma Knife surgery.