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a person suffering a nervous breakdown

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Building the evolution of Ghighi's destiny, the writer seems to follow closely the scientific markers concerning the likelihood or unlikelihood of survival in the case of the exceedingly vulnerable structure of the neurasthenic.
17) Joachim Radkau, 'The Neurasthenic Experience in Imperial Germany: Expeditions into Patients' Records and Side-looks upon General History', in Cultures of Neurasthenia: From Beard to the First World War, ed.
In Debussy's unfinished La Chute de la maison Usher, heard in a completion by Robert Orledge, pillars move in oppressively on Roderick Usher until he is trapped between them like a neurasthenic Samson and his sister Madeline returns from her premature burial as a looming larger-than-life projected spectre.
Joan Didion and Tom Wolfe--one a skeptical neurasthenic, the other a Southern dandy--wrote as outsiders about the Haight-Ashbury scene.
The narrator experiences the erotically charged violence and euphoria of car crashes and inquires: "With whom would I die, and in what role--psychopath, neurasthenic, absconding criminal?
This equivalence he feels licenses his transposition of Agaat's South African setting to the wider context of Eliot's The Waste Land, allowing him to add to a description of Milla's chair the line from Eliot' the chair she sat in, like a burnished throne' because "the allusion creates a connection with the neurasthenic woman of Eliot's poem trapped within the artefacts of a highly civilized but decadent society".
The removal of poison from the body of the neurasthenic was not without its complications.
Sargent Ferris Defends Himself Knowing the time was short, that chance would pass forever like the bison from the plains, and sympathizing with the desperate mass of women stung by neurasthenic pains and female ailments, in 1903 I marketed the sages' magic stone, the only universal remedy that ever was, or ever will be, known-- old aqua vitae, labeled Vital Life-- and fortified it with the pleasant taste of cherry cordial.
Despite the mutual attempt at an egalitarian partnership," she says, and despite her husband's ongoing support, when the couple moved to Akron, Ohio, in 2009 to accommodate his academic career, Zambreno felt increasingly isolated and neurasthenic, in danger of replacing happiness with the "dance of the needy and the needed.
evidence" would be to risk neurasthenic consequences in the reader.
Landscape painters stereotypically privileged personal freedom and an exceptional ability to respond to intuition in their art; their perceived mental and physical health flew in the face of the neurasthenic responses to modernity that were occurring in urban centers such as Paris, Berlin, Vienna, London, and New York.
A detailed comparison of the symptoms of the 88 subjects given a diagnosis of neurasthenia in the national survey with subjects who had other neurotic disorders found that it was not possible to identify a unique symptom cluster that could distinguish neurasthenic patients from patients with other neurotic disorders.
agency, figured by the neurasthenic woman, was countered by the New
In Section Two, 'A Game of Chess' an allusion to the splendour of Cleopatra ('The Chair she sat in, like a burnished') is juxtaposed with the pretentiousness of the neurasthenic woman.
Neurasthenic Nation: America's Search for Health, Happiness, and Comfort, 1869-1920.