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of or relating to the nervous system


of or relating to neurons

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Instead, OK-432 was injected with the aim of shrinking the cyst, thereby reducing nerve compression and eliminating the cause of the neurally mediated syncope.
In the last section of this review, we present a case study with a neurally controlled powered exoskeleton to illustrate the human-centered design principles reviewed.
Squid chromatophores are neurally controlled, allowing the animal quickly to select and demonstrate various body patterns.
Many specific Alu inserts are of interest--for instance, 57% of the neurally active microcephalin locus is composed of TEs found in the introns.
Recent advances in developmental psychobiological theorizing and research, as well as neuroimaging, suggest that two types of executive control are distinguishable, neurally and behaviorally (Willoughby, Kupersmidt, Voegler-Lee, & Bryant, 2011; Zelazo & Muller, 2002).
He illustrates the main points of his argument by reference to four very different types of computational models: Newell and Simon's "physical symbol systems" program, Rumelhart and McClelland's connectionist model of acquisition of past-tense for verbs, Chris Eliasmith's Neural Engineering Framework, and Barbara Webb's neurally realistic model of phonotaxis in the cricket.
Neurally diverse humans may have radical congenital linguistic limitations (limitations, alas, that have earned them the misleading and unfortunate label 'marginal human' in the literature).
The findings described above led to the Central Governor Theory, according to which exercise is not limited by peripheral events, but rather is regulated within a neurally calculated safe exertion by the body.
In cardiology, when you think about dual chamber pacemakers, neurally mediated syncope, he is the first to be remembered.
Evolutionary biology has now provided us with observations which can be adduced if we wish to re-emphasize Vorstellung in the sense of neurally based modification of perception by drawing our attention to the asymmetrical relation between the relative paucity of perceptual input cells and the quite remarkable abundance of neurons monitoring that input as well as manipulating it for non-perceptual, imaginative purposes.
Fade of neurally evoked compound EMG during neuromuscular block by d-tubocurarine.
After more bladder strips left to settle for the implementation of the agonist and antagonist substances, neurally evoked contractions were induced using electrical field stimulation (EFS) via platinum wire electrodes.
Cardiac pacing for severe-chilhood neurally mediated syncope with reflex anoxic seizures.
All of our knowledge makes use of frames, and every word is defined through the frames it neurally activates'.