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Contralateral lateral flexion of the neck reduces the ROM available in an ULNT, effectively pre-loading the peripheral neural structures (Coppitiers et al 2001).
Psychotherapy could legitimately be re-labeled 'neuropsychotherapy' to signify its impact on neural structure and function
As Hanson and Mendius write in Buddha's Brain, "Small positive actions every day will add up to large changes over time, as you gradually build new neural structures.
Hamilton reckons being nice to others can boost our neural structure, help a damaged heart regenerate faster and even combat diseases including cancer.
Each behavior of an individual has a unique neural structure, discharged through a set of unique frequency patterns (measured in milliseconds), employing any number of cortical and subcortical regions.
Topics also adressed include how the disorders might affect minorities differently, the etiology of the disorders, neural structure and function, and the roles and contributions of substance abuse to the disorders.
If we can grow a neural structure that supports new mental sensations, we may be able to substitute other constituents for neurons while still producing the same results.
Thus, the neural structure is facilitated, since it receives better-structured information about the object.
FRS is a unique, patented face recognition technology that uses biomimetics -- a technology that mimics the analytical processes of the human mind by modeling the neural structure of the brain down to individual neural cell types, rather than relying on measurements for recognition.
At this point, it is evident that the input parameters for a possible neural structure should be the physical dimensions of the inductive iris, that is, D and T, along with the waveguide dimensions (A and B) and the frequency of operation.
An apical neural structure, with varying degrees of complexity, has been implicated in the coordination of swimming, feeding, and settlement behavior in many marine invertebrate larvae, including molluscs (Chin and Koss, 1984; Marois and Carew, 1997; Kempf et al.
In other words, the brain's neural structure, like other parts of the body, develops along predictable pathways as we mature.
A bird's neural structure does allow information to transfer, but it takes hours.
He mentions that neural structure can neither carry information nor indicate naturalists.