neural net

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computer architecture in which processors are connected in a manner suggestive of connections between neurons

any network of neurons or nuclei that function together to perform some function in the body

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The database was further explored using a single hidden layer, feed-forward neural net predictor model.
The forecasts from the recursive OLS model and from the neural net are unbiased, but both of the SPF forecasts are biased.
Using neural nets and GIS to forecast land use changes: A land transformation model.
To compare results, the neural net was trained sequentially (i), in parallel using socket (ii) and in parallel using PVM (iii):
At the same time with construction of neural nets, trained with the help of a teacher, we carried out our research about an opportunity to control the football-player robot with the help of self-learning neural nets within the framework of the theory of artificial life (Mark A.
Distinguishing from other neural net based image retrieval systems, the query in our proposed system is specified by an indicator vector Q = [[q.
The neural net is a mathematical construct (Haykin 1999) developed from a data set of real measurements of inputs and a corresponding data set of real measurements of outputs.
Likewise, neural nets may help in current industry efforts to make mold-filling simulations self-correcting or self-optimizing, based on closing the loop with real-time molding data.
Model of model robot's adaptive behavior developed using the ideas of neural net structure self organization, SRI of neurocybernetics after Kogan A.
Already the lab has devised neural net computers with the equivalent of 1,000 synapses.
The neural net grows when cellular automata send "growth signals" to each other, then connect via "synapses.
The CSAIS, based on neural net technology, categorizes patient data into one of three classifications: normal, suspicious and abnormal physiology which could indicate the presence of breast cancer.
Haven, a professional storyteller, describes the power of story to motivate, teach, and communicate information and uses research from the cognitive sciences, neurological science, developmental psychology, and neural net modeling to show how the mind processes information, as well as anecdotes and examples of stories.
On stage, the ``PopMart'' set's extensive electronic links are the band's live neural net.
Recent advances in neural network tuning and neural net training infrastructure have allowed SurfControl to produce new versions of Virtual Content Agent optimized for French, Italian, and English with significant improvements tuned to increase the effectiveness of all of its content categories.
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