neural arch

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a structure arising dorsally from a vertebral centrum and enclosing the spinal cord

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In fact, the neural arch and neural spine characteristics of Geringophis are so unique among small erycinine snakes that Sullivan and Holman (9) questioned the placement of the genus in Erycinae.
The pars interarticularis is defined as the parts of the neural arch that lie between the superior and inferior articular facets.
Chapter 10, entitled "Functional Pathology", discusses posture and its effects on, for example, disc nutrition, the neural arch, and muscle action, then discusses creep in spinal tissues, and finally muscle function and dysfunction.
Remarks--The vertebrae of Texasophis are distinguished by their small size, elongate vertebral form, moderately vaulted neural arch, low neural spine, and especially by the distinct hemal keel that is separated from strong subcentral ridges by very deep grooves.
The connective tissue and the outer layer of cartilage were removed from each vertebra and neural arch (Fig.