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The musical notation that records melodies of Gregorian chant in neumes first appears in manuscripts dating from ca.
Unfortunately, by using stemless black or white "void notes," Troelsgard ignores the Byzantine prevalence of having the rhythmic meter of the Greek text indicate the type of Byzantine neumes used by composers.
Byzantine, Slavonic, and Latin neume notations are presented in three major chapters.
A manuscript without shelfmark housed at the Benedictine convent of Santa Cruz de la Seros in Jaca, Spain, is the only antiphoner in diastematic Aquitanian neumes from twelfth-century Aragon and the only known manuscript from Santa Cruz de la Seros to survive.
As Arlt points out in his examination of the neumes in MSS 484 and 381, many scholars have studied St.
The edition of the transcriptions is organized by the criterion of arranging the Limoges manuscripts according to their clarity and reliability in the reading of the neumes.
The three manuscripts are a Heirmologion (1764), an Anthologia (late eighteenth or early nineteenth century), and a Doxastika (early nineteenth century), volumes of Greek sacred chant and hymns with musical notation in late Byzantine neumes, intended for use in the Greek Orthodox Church.
Although the Toledan manuscripts were retained in the archives, they contained only "silent music"--the Visigothic neumes could not be realized in actual performance and were not the basis of the neo-Mozarabic rite.
This volume contains a translated and revised version of the second volume of that treatise, which focuses on the relationship between Byzantine and Latin neumes.