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having a network of veins or ribs

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South Korea and China also have not created international institutions based on nonhierarchical relations, which would enable "dense" interactions in informal and networklike settings.
Several researchers have suggested that the networklike effects observed in the melt state in polymer nanocomposites may be due to the presence of interconnected nanoclay platelets or tactoids [23].
If you want to succeed, you have to combine the brains of many people and work in a networklike environment.
Instead his work is situated within a ramified or networklike thematic field, one that is structured and clearly determinable.
Nonhierarchical and networklike international institutions characterized by a high density of mostly informal interactions should provide the structural conditions in international relations to allow for discursive and argumentative processes.
And it never gave birth to major networklike shows that media-savvy viewers crave, in part because of young and inexperienced management.
Empirical evidence suggests that these transcriptional regulators frequently interact in a networklike fashion to establish patterns of gene expression that, in turn, determine basic Bauplan features of the organism (Ingham 1988; McGinnis and Krumlauf 1992).
Monday released more information about CompactNET, a completely integrated, networklike solution for telecommunications and industrial-control applications.
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