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Come, madam," I cried a little nettled, "you know that there is lacking the one thing you craved for most of all.
Coulson admitted that he had been a little nettled by his friend's odd manner during the voyage, and the strange way he had of keeping to himself.
Yes,' returned Richard quickly, for he was nettled by the question.
Sly little puss, to make fun of us behind our backs," said Fan, rather nettled by Polly's quiet retaliation for many slights from herself and friends.
I was nettled by her brusque manner of asserting her folly, and I told her that neither did I as far as that went, in a tone which almost suggested that she was welcome to break her neck for all I cared.
I don't know what impelled me, but I was nettled, and I said foolishly and not in the best of taste: