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Synonyms for netherworld

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Gajamukha takes as its text lines from a hymn in the Sri Bhagavat-Tathva, a Sanskrit religious text: "In heaven Lord Ganesha will establish the predominance of gods, on earth that of people, in the nether world that of serpents and anti-gods.
His marriages also provided the background to his treatments of alcoholism (The Odd Women, 1893), domestic violence (The Nether World, 1889), and despair (passim).
Modern Jihad: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks propels the reader into the nether world of illegal organisations.
It inhabits a kind of nether world that doesn't really exist.
Narrative retribution can take the form of disease and death or mutilation, as in Gaskell's North and South; unmarried solitude as in Sybil; invisibility as in Shirley and George Eliot's Felix Holt; victimization by brutal husbands as in Charles Dickens's Hard Times, George Gissling's The Nether World, and Rudyard Kipling's The Record of Bedalia Herodsfoot; or even editorial deletion, also in Hard Times.
Arbman (1928: 200) take it as referring to the nether world or the underworld in general.
In the nether world of prosecutorial logic, a federal investigation of the Monica Lewinsky matter was justified by the gossamer connection between the president's alleged efforts to cover up his complicity in the Whitewater bank fraud - a charge that has never been made, much less proven - and his easier-to-prove efforts to conceal his sex life from Paula Jones's lawyers.
Advocating embryo adoption is equally problematic for pro-lifers too, since such endorsement serves only to drag the movement into the nether world of "in vitro fertilisation" where it doesn't belong and which its ideology condemns.
But she was certainly familiar with this nether world.
Although Gissing did adapt one or two selected details about the room in which Nell died for chapters 8 and 37 of The Nether World, the most striking thing about these meager fictional borrowings is their lack of intensity compared to the diary original.
By predating the Black Orpheus, which was published in Germany, their journal acquires an almost ur-Orphic status: The couple are pannationals whose work extends across continents--Africa, England, America--and their journal is a home for those who are society's exiles, as Orpheus was himself after returning from the nether world.
But Cross says she's most concerned about the people still stuck in the TPT nether world.
There are temporary regulations, which occupy the nether world between proposed and final rules (having immediate applicability and force but not promising any particular degree of certainty and stability), as well as proposed rules that are in the process of being vetted by the tax community.
Long Island's prominence in the high-tech and bio-tech industries, its leadership position in disposable family income and retail sales, its educational excellence and its valuable symbiotic relationship with New York City would have all been relegated to the nether world of statistical analysis," he noted.