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Synonyms for netherworld

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This trajectory of heroine to saviour is activated along with the historical narrative, so that the human-ruled world and the fantastic nether world are set up concurrently.
As a nation we seem to have become unhinged for the October 31 gorefest, stumbling, zombie-like, into a nether world where it's perfectly acceptable to face demands of money for menaces.
We need the ardent rationalists to keep society from descending into the nether world of pseudoscientific nonsense and we need the artists and healers to illuminate how to live our humanism.
It was a spiritual obstacle course that saw the soul leave the mummified body of the departed and travel through the nether world.
In the first film Tony was kind of in a nether world, somebody who needed to be put in check," explains Robert.
Their country existed somewhere between the stark landscape and a nether world of lore and superstition and fear and wonder, each as real as the other.
Plucked from the nether world of football obscurity, Kevin Keegan's surprise replacement as Newcastle manager unleashed an x-rated fusillade against the media and then, for good measure, declared it was not, after all, off the record.
But when combined with an overall lack of a theoretical structure, it risks stranding the lives of the rest of the members of the American Jewish community (or members of other non-Protestant groups) in a nether world of historical meaninglessness.
It would appear that the country's judges are living in some kind of nether world where pain and suffering have no meaning.
The book's five sections include segments analyzing the geography of the Thames in the 1860s from Dickens' Our Mutual Friend and intransigence and limited mobility in the 1880s in Gissing's The Nether World, as well as chapters on the sanitary city, the London sewer, the "Thames Fever," and the poor's disillusionment with reform in the 1880s.
Relegating these proto-chapters to the nether world of appendices is unfortunate for they contain elements of an agenda for future research.
The setting of The Nether World is as vile as the Jago, but Bivona and Henkle see Gissing ascribing an 'integrity of experience' (p.
Malinowski outlines the Trobriand Islanders' belief that the spirits of the dead depart for a nether world on a nearby island where they lead a shadowy existence alongside other spirits, and may sometimes re-appear to members of the living world.
It is about the nether world of crime and corruption, about the cat-and-mouse game played by criminals and the police.
One story that leaves us guessing is Fox--Mara's David who has stayed behind in the nether world of New Mungo, hoping to start a revolution.