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a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds

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Tses Glass plans to have an annual gross production capacity of 20 million net tons of glass, making it the largest dynamic glass manufacturing plant in the world.
Overtime hours per net ton (OTH/NT) of good castings; maintenance hours--The goal for this factor is 0.
Budgeted at more than US$5 billion (N$41 billion) for its development and construction, and taking in account of 430 workers per ton for a 20 million net ton capacity, Tses Glass expects to create more than 46,500 direct manufacturing jobs in Tses alone with more than 233,000 new indirect job opportunities throughout Namibia.
The Dow Chemical Company will also increase all list and off-list prices for bulk DOWFLAKE by $10 per net ton.
is a leading integrated steel producer and Fortune 200 company with major operations in the United States and Central Europe and an annual raw steelmaking capability of 22 million net tons.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the steel industry have estimated there will be nearly 600 million net tons of steel overcapacity globally in 2015, largely the result of foreign government trade-distorting policies and practices.
Steel will have about 33 million net tons of annual raw steel capacity.
Based on preliminary Census Bureau data, the United States imported a total of 2,432,000 net tons of steel in June, including 2,025,000 net tons of finished steel.