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It is a story dramatically conveyed through a set of small, often absurd incidents: starving through ignorance of how to net fish in a stream, learning to crack a hazelnut for its meat, slaughtering a sick goat for meat that proved too tough to chew, catching a bird in a homemade trap, hearing a friendly Greek priest apologize for preaching about the Jewish murder of Christ ("The parishioners expected such a sermon.
He has been using worms as bait and catching the bigger bream and this time he teamed them with 11 metres of pole to net fish to 3lb and finish with a weight of 43lb 12oz.
Every fish was a roach and although most of them were around the two ounce mark, I did get a few better net fish up to eight ounces to round off a great day's fishing
5lb while Dylan Hurley and Jackson James put their faith in spinners and worms to net fish to 1lb.
Local Indians might spear, trap or net fish, but they'd never put a worm on a hook to catch one.