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the estate remaining after debts and funeral expenses and administrative expenses have been deducted from the gross estate

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The net estate tax, which is the amount of tax liability based on the total taxable estate, after credits for foreign death taxes, taxes on prior transfers, and Federal gift taxes previously paid were subtracted from gross estate tax, also decreased between 2009 and 2011.
The concession announced in the Budget is for people who are looking to donate 10% of their net estate to charity.
REFURBISHMENT of betting shops is back on the William Hill agenda, after a two-year squeeze on capital expenditure, and the company, which added 23 outlets to their net estate in 2009, expects to add a further 50 this year.
The safety net estate agents provide extends beyond accompanying all the viewings for the peace of mind of the seller; they also drive the different members of the chain to ensure completion.
202, read together, require that the testamentary trust established for Son and charity will share the $1,000,000 of net estate income.
It was disclosed this week that Johns who lived in Radyr, near Cardiff, and died in June this year, aged 84, left a net estate of pounds 291,908.
The presenter, who died last year aged 61, left a net estate of pounds 3,926,414, according to papers released by the District Probate Office in Leeds.
One-half of your net estate, if you have at least one child
Before his death, Willet, with the aid of an estate tax attorney, developed a plan that placed his entire net estate in a marital trust at his death.
Your heirs receive your net estate after estate taxes and expenses plus the remainder value of the GRAT.
With the program's new GST capabilities and reports, users can show clients how GST planning can increase the net estate passing to future generations.
In respect of inheritance tax (IHT), tax will be levied at 40% where an individual's net estate exceeds the nil-rate band of PS325,000 (PS650,000 for married couples) on death.
In the 2011 Budget the Government announced that it was consulting on a proposal to introduce a lower rate of IHT (36%) where 10% or more of an individual's net estate is left to charity.
As currently structured, the Government's proposals provide an effective 76% relief from inheritance tax at the point where exactly a tenth of the net estate is given to charity.
Records show he left a net estate of pounds 432,121.