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Synonyms for nestle

Synonyms for nestle

to lie or press close together, usually with another person or thing

Synonyms for nestle

a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

lie in a sheltered position

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In addition to this, Nestle Pakistan has also successfully run the Healthy Kids Programme to educate children aged between 6-16 on nutrition needs along with the Healthy Women Programme which aims to educate young women about healthy lifestyles.
Nestle Nutrition was created in 2006 and has strengthened Nestles global leadership in infant nutrition.
At Nestle, each and every employee is accountable for food quality and safety, and we are investing in the leading tools in the world to ensure quality that allows our millions of consumers to have confidence in our products," Gregory Pritchard, Vice President Quality Management for Nestle USA, said in the news release.
Alford has been with Nestle for 32 years, including nearly seven years as Chairman & CEO of Nestle USA.
The Nestle Institute of Health Sciences will be part of Nestle's global R&D network.
His success at these Nestle Purina operations was marked by strong innovation and by the creation of a high-performance supply chain," said a Nestle spokesman.
Last year, she helped to enroll Nestle into the NASA Explorer School Program, winning the campus a $10,000 grant.
Nestle, which traditionally prefers to groom talent internally, declined to comment.
Not unreasonably, Nestle argues that what the United States needs is a centralized, European-style food safety agency to replace the current dysfunctional regulatory structure (which gives the Food and Drug Administration jurisdiction over cheese pizza and charges the Department of Agriculture with pizza that has meat toppings).
Nestle supports this assertion by citing numerous examples, including the meat industry's opposition to the Food Guide Pyramid, the use of lobbyists to influence regulations related to foods, connections between food companies and nutrition research, and pressures to reword Dietary Guidelines (e.
Destaco, Carlos Eduardo Represas, que Nestle es la compania de alimentos mas importante del mundo y que Mexico se encuentra entre los primeros 10 mercados de Nestle a nivel global, por lo que las actividades incluidas en su proyecto nacional estan encaminadas a conservar su posicion de liderazgo y a incrementar la participacion del Grupo Nestle Mexico en el mercado nacional y, por ende, en el mercado mundial.
It's clear to us that consumers are much more health conscious today than ever before," noted Paul Grimwood, Chairman and CEO of Nestle USA.
Karachi -- In the year 2017, Punjab Food Authority took samples of Nestle Milkpak and Nestle Nesvita 3 times (in March, August and December) and got them tested from more than one (ISO-17025) certified laboratories, PCSIR, SGS and Intertek on Chemical, Biological and Physical parameters and all the laboratory tests concluded that Nestle Milkpak and Nestle Nesvita are quality milks and safe for human health and consumption.