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Synonyms for nester

someone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it

a bird that has built (or is building) a nest

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Finally, when an empty nester decides to build a dream home, he or she needs to consider its location.
For one, Nester might have avoided the Parkmanesque pitfalls of lumping together generic "Indians" and of relegating them to the background, or of depicting Canadian militiamen as expert woodlands fighters one and all.
Nester portrays Jackson as a demagogue who manipulated others to follow him into irrational political battles.
Nester provides a biographical sketch of Jackson from his birth in North Carolina, his service as a courier and scout during the Revolutionary War, his law practice, move to Tennessee, and his rise in Nashville society and Tennessee politics.
Nester says the association is conducting a search for an executive director.
Springfield was determined the best place to land because it had the best weather and offered the best chance to help the pilot down, Major Nester said.
Although he didn't resort to taking on either of these new responsibilities, one full year since both his daughter, Ruby, 23, and son, Evan, 19, have been gone, he says that joining the ranks of Alaska's empty nesters has not been easy.
We view this as a marriage of two tremendously strong outdoor brands," said Kelly Nester, vice president of sales.
Daft was named Douglas Ivester's successor after Nester announced his retirement in early December 1999.
As Todd Nester comforted his wife, Tracy, during her recent labor and delivery at a North Carolina hospital, his eyes often glanced at the nearby intravenous packet that dripped a prescribed solution into her arm.
Melodious liquid warble in the plum Tree tells the sinking year how to feel Its recession into grief as if a thorn Poked a nester in an old wounded heart Of stone from which slowly drips recognition All breathing human passion far above These days atonal as white noise Through bare branches cotton clouds drift by Last yellowed leaves catch lone rays of sun Going down into the motherless ocean A light plane buzzes off toward brown hills As shade drops over the next urban plot To prepare the air for what the dead don't know How swiftly we are coming to join them
WASHINGTON -- Sidley Austin LLP announced today that Brian Nester has joined the firm as a partner in the Intellectual Property Litigation practice, resident in the Washington, D.
a collection of photos and poetry about abandonment that Nester made in collaboration with her brother, John.
Nester Dhamba returned with figures of three wickets for 37 runs in six overs.
Nester Moyo, Programme Co-ordinator for the ICM, was the key speaker when the Zimbabwe Confederation of Midwives celebrated the International Day.