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someone who settles lawfully on government land with the intent to acquire title to it

a bird that has built (or is building) a nest

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Nester does a fine job demonstrating the wide and interrelated dynamics that explain the French defeat.
Nester structures much of his examination of American power around Jackson's life and personality.
Nester does more than chronicle Clark's military career.
Similarly, Nester places the presidents he admires most--Washington, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama--in the Hamiltonism fold, while Jackson, Polk, Reagan, and George W.
That takes some intricate planning--to scale down the presence of the branded items as we prepare to on-board the generic items," nester says.
Though Nester did not detail the allegations, The Wall Street Journal reports that they are sexual in nature.
His brother John had recently died, and consequently the management of the Nester Estate fell to brother Pat and Tom's sons.
During his tenure as CEO, Polansky has accomplished many things, including replacement of our communications platform, eCommunities, growing our corporate partners and developing a nationally shared industry playbook," Nester wrote.
22 August 2011 - US Celldex Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:CLDX) reported on Monday key in vivo efficacy data for its CDX-1135 programme from a partnership with Drs Richard Smith and Carla Nester at the University of Iowa.
Nester and his wife Christina of North Brookfield, and Carol's friend, Joseph Dynof of Cherry Valley; a brother, Louis Camarra and his wife Patricia of Worcester; two sisters, Dorothy, wife of the late Paul Marzilli of Worcester and Jean Cariglia and her husband Dante of Auburn; six great grandchildren; two sisters-in-law, Ruth Camarra of Worcester and June Camarra of Leicester; several cherished nephews and nieces.
Steve Nester of the 303rd Fighter Squadron was heading from Whiteman AFB to Springfield, Mo.
Besides the fact he doesn't have to worry about his children as much on a daily basis, he's not convinced of the other lifestyle benefits that becoming an empty nester offers.
Chantal Gillard, a Dutch Labour Party Member of Parliament with responsibility for development co-operation and medical ethics, brought together on Mother's Day in May a high-level group of representatives including Nester T Moyo of ICM and Dr Monir Islam of WHO Making Pregnancy Safer (Chantal, Nester and Monir are seen in the front row of the picture).
Collaboratively compiled, edited and organized by Eugene Nester, Milton P.
One Empty nester sums it up perfectly: "Now that the kids are gone, I don't need to make a huge meal every night.