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Synonyms for nescience

the condition of being ignorant; lack of knowledge or learning

the condition of being uninformed or unaware

Synonyms for nescience

ignorance (especially of orthodox beliefs)

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These led her to underscore the absolute nescience Jesus experienced on the cross and at his death, but she interpreted this nescience positively, seeing it in the light of his absolute obedience.
image schemas, and close analysis of a necessarily limited number of lyric poems to document Hardy's inward journey into solitariness, moving towards an embrace of nescience (the condition of not knowing) and affirming his monist perspective on the universe's organization.
24) "In morality as in everything else, the Rationalist aims to begin by getting rid of inherited nescience and then to fill the blank nothingness of an open mind with the items of certain knowledge which he abstracts from his personal experience, and which he believes to be approved by the common 'reason' of mankind"; see Oakeshott, Rationalism in Politics, p.
Given the Marxist impetus of the story, and given the focus on the protagonists' nescience of the forces working on them, it is plausible that the tale suggests the need for a firmer knowledge, and therefore a more stable knowing self, although I suspect Johnson would not use the term "fixed essence" to describe that self.
The plays did speak nicely to each other across genres and across a variety of dispositions from the juvenile nescience (rather than innocence) of As You Like It to the knowing cynicism of Troilus.
For Du Bois the color line remained and the Veil hung grimly in place, perpetuating the distortions and nescience underpinning racial oppression.
Le chapitre 3 est consacre a Saiikara, chez qui des traces de ce qui devait devenir le DS sont reperables, surtout si l'on tient compte de ce que Saiikara, lorsqu'il traite de la notion de la nescience (avidya), de la question de Yekajiva et de celle des degres de realite, n'obeit pas a un seul modele mais a en vuc differents modeles selon les contextes: les lineaments de ce qui sera plus tard connu comme le DS sont reperables dans BSuBh (2.
The latter provisions are meant to protect the athletes from using prohibited substances as well as to forestall the athlete's defence of nescience.
Nescience erases it, the cactus, not the drama, like a curtain, and one sees the brain swinging above the snow as containing only the hot vegetable pad lost in a white gloom.
12 (1965): 154-55; also "John Webster's Classical Nescience," in Howarth, Diary, Drama and Poetry (Cape Town: Privately printed, 1971), 39.
As the privation of that knowledge that one is bound to have, ignorance is distinguished from nescience, which merely denotes an absence of knowledge.
Multiculturalism is a moral intoxicant; its thrill centers around the emotion of superior virtue; its hangover subsists on a diet of nescience and blighted "good intentions.
Johnson was so vexed by a young clergyman's nescience that he complained, "His ignorance is so great, I am afraid to show him the bottom of it.
This is not to deny Lutyens his aesthetic preferences, but it is to point out that preferences cannot legitimize or wipe out a record of nescience and disdain, and of taking the credit without taking any of the blame.
For example, when both the master horse and the sorrel nag are perplexed about Gulliver's clothes, "whereof they had no conception" (261), they reveal their nescience of the fallen human condition, a doctrine that reason alone could not have intuited: in other words, Pauline theology's doctrine of "the Old Man.