nervous strain

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(psychology) nervousness resulting from mental stress

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She would try not to show her weariness, the nervous strain of these two men's antagonism around her person which was the cause of her languid attitudes.
Like Aries, Geminis also suffer from nervous strain and yoga is the perfect way to unwind and help maintain high levels of fitness and health.
It had been snowing and raining and I was absolutely "all in" from cold and nervous strain.
Critics feared the system would put an enormous nervous strain on staff.
PC Terry released his hold on the stick and I could see he was suffering from a severe nervous strain.
17] And the housewife verging on breakdown was in fact a victim of modern pace herself: "A woman whose every action is hurried, whose every hour is open to disturbance, whose every breath is drawn with superfluous emphasis, will talk about the nervous strain under which she is living, as though dining out and paying the cook's wages were the things which are break her down.
But he claimed that the type of crying he experienced on Sunday evening can put a nervous strain on a priest.