nerve impulse

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the electrical discharge that travels along a nerve fiber

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In nature, several species produce more than one contraction for a single nerve impulse like in the bee's wing muscles.
A nerve impulse is a wave of electrical task that passes from one end of afferent neuron to an additional.
Nerve impulses are electrical power signals; and, they builds energy-fields around the body and electromagnetic energy waves that could travel far from the body.
When exposed by myelin damage, potassium ions leak out, causing the nerve impulse to "short circuit.
The voluntary muscles of the entire body are controlled by nerve Impulses arising in the brain.
There are billions of nerve impulses in the body and these are always developing challenging human electromagnetic fields.
A nerve impulse, confirms human electricity in the body.
The author has organized the main body of his text in fourteen chapters devoted to the ancient search for the soul, the discovery of the nervous system, the cell doctrine from late antiquity to the Renaissance, animal electricity as a new life force, the rise and fall of phrenology, the discovery of the nerve cell, the return of the concept of the reflex, mapping the cerebral cortex, the rise of psychology and neurology, solving the mystery of the nerve impulse, the discovery of chemical neurotransmission, neurosurgery and clinical tales, and surveying the last fifty years of neuroscience and looking ahead to future developments.
MENTAL BIOLOGY: THE NEW SCIENCE OF HOW THE BRAIN AND MIND RELATE focuses on how the mind emerges from nerve impulse patterns in the brain--and why consciousness therefore can be seen as a neural-activity-based entity in its own right.
In people with normal nerve-muscle interaction, every nerve impulse elicits a muscle response.
Waxman was inspired to devote his life to studying nerve impulse conduction in normal, demyelinated, and regenerating nerve fibers.
When a nerve impulse reaches a synapse, this releases signaling chemicals called neurotransmitters.
We found that the human Schwann cells formed relatively extensive myelin and that previously obstructed nerve impulse conduction improved.
The idea is that the electric field associated with a nerve impulse could affect the shape of the sphere, which will in turn change the resonance of the light on the inside of the shell; the nerve effectively becomes part of a photonic circuit.
The ion channels are the highly specialized molecules that control the flow of electrical current, which constitutes the nerve impulse.