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DTI allows surgeons to better understand the intricate architecture and orientation of nerve fibers by studying the diffusion of water molecules in and around the nerves.
Corneal nerve fiber assessment has great potential as a tool to diagnose and monitor peripheral neuropathy induced by HIV, say scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
They found that when blocking scar formation by preventing the stem cells from forming new cells after an injury, the injury gradually expanded, and more nerve fibers were severed.
The white matter of the brain is made up of billions of microscopic nerve fibers that pass information in the form of tiny electrical signals.
Their results show that lipoic acid blocks migration of immune cells into the brain, and reduces damage to both myelin and nerve fibers.
Metanx increases blood flow to peripheral nerves and regenerates nerve fibers," explains Dr.
This autograft then serves as a guide for nerve fibers to cross the injury gap.
Now we need to examine how the properties of sound are represented or coded in the activity of auditory nerve fibers.
As "Dying to Live" concludes its final chapter, "The Anteroom," Midgley explains that he is in the process of experiencing motor neuron disease, a deterioration of the nerve fibers that help convey signals from the spinal cord and brain to the rest of the body.
Sensory nerve conduction threshold was measured in large myelinated, small myelinated, and unmyelinated nerve fibers.
Scientists in Miami report they have found a new way to promote growth of new nerve fibers in damaged areas of the spinal cord--a breakthrough that may someday pave the way to a cure for paralysis.
The encasing connective tissue is organized into a three-layered capsule that contains nerve fibers, sensory receptors, and neurosecretory-like granules.
The implants activate auditory nerve fibers and allow transmission of sound signals to the brain, and about 60,000 devices are being used worldwide.
Dysfunction of autonomic small nerve fibers can cause motility problems in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as delayed gastric emptying.
When the pilot moved his arm, nerve fibers in his muscles emitted tiny electrical signals transmitted to a computer.